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Danielle-- I am in awe of your work! That basket looks awesome; it's hard to believe it's a first attempt. I've always been intrigued by weaving; more to make cloth than anything else although baskets are cool. I think I decided not to try it because it's just so complicated but I do admire others' productions!


Wow, that's awesome!! it looks perfect, and it was your very first! Those class look great, I'd love to join if only I didn't live so far away.


Thank you. I can see lots of mistakes, but still I am very pleased with how it turned out. Baskets are much easier than fabric and this is something you can actually finish in much less time, though I still want to get back to cloth weaving, too. I am sure I would never have managed to complete a whole project like this on my own! I hope to take another class or two, and then maybe I can try and tackle something on my own later.


I am impressed by the classes they are offering. Maybe they have for a while, but I didn't know, but the last newsletter booklet they just sent to members had an insert listing all their classes. This teacher is offering more basket classes in the fall--I plan on taking at least one, and maybe two or three if I can manage them! It would be fun to have a friend go--all the ladies were nice, though, and there was a mother-daughter pair who sat next to me. Definitely a nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon!


What an adorable basket! I love craft classes where something is completed (ditto cooking classes :)


Too often you take a class and only get it partially finished and then it sits at home in that half worked state. This was very fun. I am going to take another one in September and now am contemplating a macrame (did you ever do that when you were little-I learned it a little in grade school) later this month. It sounds sort of 70s cheesy, but I have see the lady's work and her plant and wall hangers are beautiful!


Good luck with your macrame! My mom did a macramé wall hanging that I still have, but I never tried it. Look forward to hearing what you make—seems like there are lots of possibilities


That's beautiful: congratulations!


I signed up for a macrame class that is happening in a couple of weeks. It is one where we make a plant hanger. There are two other classes on offer--one is a wall hanging and I can't remember what the other one is--I might sign up for one other if this first one goes well. I am really looking forward to it.


Maybe I have found a new hobby, but I will take it slowly (and not go crazy buying supplies). I signed up for another class that takes place again at the botanical garden but not until September--when it will be cooler (so a nicer walk there and back). Something to look forward to!

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