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I can’t begin to even imagine what it’s like to have to function in that kind of temperature. Just basic things would be energy sapping so having to work as well.....


We keep being threatened with both very high temperatures and torrential rain here but neither have materialised so far! I wouldn't mind a bit more heat though so long as it doesn't always happen when I'm at work!
I can recommend Sarah Hilary's Marnie Rome series as a female led crime series that is definitely unputdownable but unfortunately she is very much modern day so why not make this the summer you begin to read Sara Paretsky's V I Warshawski series? I originally read them at the same time as I first read the Kinsey Milhone series which was in the 80's and early 90's and I loved them both. I caught up with Kinsey but I think there are quite a few V I adventures that I have yet to read so I am very tempted to start at the beginning again ( I think I still have some of the early titles somewhere and they will hopefully turn up as I go through the boxes in the attic prior to moving house!)

The Dark is Rising is a brilliant series but if you want to read something set in Cornwall you will have to either read Under Sea Under Stone which is the very first in the series or Greenwitch which is the third: The Dark is Rising is actually set in land-locked Buckinghamshire in the run up to Christmas ( which would be suitably chilly I suppose and it IS very good)

The Priory is a big book, but Dorothy Whipple is so readable that I'm sure it wouldn't take a long time to read - but maybe you are thinking in terms of the actual size of the volume?


By early this evening our feels like temp is going to be 111F (over 43C). Yesterday was much the same (and it will be more of the same through Saturday) and just waiting about 10 minutes for the bus and I was covered in sweat. It is gross and oppressive. I have been sleeping on the sofa (too hot in my upstairs bedroom) for days now. I am finished with summer--personally speaking. I just want something mild--not cold, but mild. Does such a place exist anymore?

I am totally fine with a new to me contemporary mystery series, so I will definitely check out the Hilary books. I just finished letter L and it was as satisfying as all the other Kinsey Millhone books. I thought I would pick up something different before going to letter M, so I decided on one of my unread Ruth Rendell novels--it has been ages since I read any of her books. And long enough that I could go back and start rereading (I especially love the Barbara Vine stories). One of the easiest to get to was Portobello so I am just getting into that--though I did have the first Paretsky in hand (last time I was searching for a new detective story I was looking for that book but didn't find my copy until I was into another book entirely--you know how that goes!), so it is at least close at hand. I am happy with just rereading, and starting from the first--the Dark is Rising series--and I would start with Under Sea, but it doesn't have to be Cornwall necessarily (just an added bonus). I know I have the second book, and maybe the third now that you mention the title. Will have to go look now. I am glad I didn't have The Priory the morning I was caught in the rain or I might have cried!! I don't mind a larger book necessarily--at least Persephones are relatively compact--it is the really big paperbacks that I might shy away from since I always have several books in hand.


We read The Dark is Rising series last year (husband reading aloud) and absolutely loved it, one book after the other, all five books long.


It has been very unpleasant. It is no wonder I feel drained by the end of the night and can't even concentrate on my books. However--happily there is only one more day after today of this nastiness and Sunday sounds downright pleasant in comparison. I hate to wish my days away, but....


These would be the perfect books to read aloud, I think. I am going to dig my copy of the first book out this weekend! I was thinking it was just a quartet of books, so now I must look for all the titles!


I just read one of the best novels I have ever read, Wives and Daughters by Elizabeth Gaskell. I care so much about the main character, Molly, who is about 19 or 20 for most of the book, that I read on and on, yet didn't want this book to end. Set in 1820s in rural England. Of course, all of Anthony Trollope's novels are great favorites of mine.


If they're still in print somewhere, some of the Bertha Cool and Donald Lam mysteries by A.A. Fair (aka Erle Stanley Gardner of PERRY MASON fame) were written and take place in the 1960s. There's a list of the books here:


We are getting another heatwave this week and my literary choice is comfort and easy reads! I have mysteries and thrillers lined up. Earlier this month I read a rather complex mystery and my brain was too foggy to comprehend all the details, I felt that good literature is wasted when I am melting. Keep cool!


I have never read any Trollope novels, but maybe that is a place to jump back into the classics. I like to start at the beginning and I know his books are interrelated, so I would start with the Warden, but it has never really appealed tome. I am sure it is much better than I think--is it one you have read? That said, I have read Wives and Daughters--I loved it, too. I remember finishing it over the winter holidays and I had the luxury of being on break from work so I could sit for an entire few days just glued to the story!! I have read a few of Gaskell's works and I like her very much.


I wonder if I have any of the reprints--Titan Books has reissued some of those vintage hardboiled mysteries and I see that at least one of his ESG is part of that series. They have sent me a few ARCs in the past, so now I will have to go home and sort through that pile--fingers crossed there will be one there. Thanks--I have never read him, though I should.


Uh, I am so sorry as I know how utterly miserable that is. I am totally with you on needing reads that are not too taxing when the weather gets steamy. You'll have to tell me which thrillers and mysteries you choose--it ha sbeen hit or miss with me and thrillers lately, though I am on a good roll of mysteries. I love the Wexford novel and am getting ready to pick up a Simenon. Luckily the weather here has mellowed, though by the end of the week it is going to be hot again--alas, Not as hot as it just was, and I hope that was the last of the triple digit stuff. Stay cool!

Kathy Johnson

You know I feel your pain about the heat and humidity--and I think you maybe suffer even more because you have to walk and take the bus to get to and from work. I drive around in my air conditioned car and stay in my air conditioned house as much as possible (my apologies to the environment), though with the animals I have, I do end up spending a fair amount of time outside anyway.

I can't remember if you've read the Stephanie Plum novels? They're not that old, but if you like Kinsey you might like Stephanie, too.

I just started reading Jane Austen's Mansfield Park for my summer classic. I've only read it once before and I don't remember the story, so it will be like reading it for the first time all over again. I'm also reading Louise Penny's Kingdom of the Blind, which is set in winter in Quebec--all those descriptions of snow and ice may help me through the next week or so of summer. I've been reading like crazy this summer, and I'm jotting down some titles from this post and the comments. Not that I need any more titles, but they all sound so good!


It's nice to hear you are reading lots. I have been logging books into Goodreads and as I set a goal this year it has really helped me to keep on track. I am not stressing by how much I read a month now as I know I am a book or two ahead on GR. Silly, I know, but it is sort of freeing, too. I am not doing well with classics. I started a Toni Morrison and then a Canadian classic, but when I picked up the Eugenides book it threw me off track so I need to look at my reading piles this weekend and reassess!! I am so close to finishing two or three other books and I need to get back to those first and then decide and pare things down again. I have never read Mansfield Park or Emma but I have read Pride and Prejudice and Persuasion (my fave) several times! Isn't it fun to read cold setting books in summer? I do that, too. And I have read the first couple of Stephanie Plum books and I agree she is great fun and she does remind me of Kinsey. I am up to letter M with the Graftons, so I am halfway through the alphabet. I was thinking I would try and finish this year, but that might not happen--which is okay, too.

Kathy Johnson

Ooh, Emma is one of my favorites, and the Kate Beckinsale movie version of the story is also one of my favorites. You're in for a treat when you eventually get around to reading/watching.


I don't think I have seen that version! I am most familiar with the Gwyneth Paltrow version which is okay--but then I love that Mr Knightly! ;) Maybe I should pick up an Austen--lol.....

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