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Jonathan Coe is a writer I've been wanting to read for ages: I've heard so many good things and everytime I pick up one of his books it looks immediately appealing (and, then, I put it down again, because I feel like there's a correct place to start - y'know?). Also, as a random note, every single time I see a Beverley Cleverly book, I instantly think "Beverly Cleary" and the seven-year-old in me thinks "YAY! Finally! Another Ramona Quimby story, at last!"


I think the Coe book is the latest title in a series following this set of characters. I’ve just finished the first one (where the characters are early/mid teens), and I know there is one out there that features them as young adults. So maybe this is the 3rd or 4th one? I’d just look at publication dates to get the order. That first one is called “The Rotter’s Club” (2001)...


I got very excited about the new Joy Rhoades book but can't find a trace of it - even on line so maybe we will have longer to wait for it, which is a shame.
A lot of the other books are very intriguing too although sadly I don't think that Jonathan Coe is for me having tried and failed to make any headway with both The Rotters Club and the follow-up book, the name of which escapes me, on several occasions.


I do the same exact thing-I have to make myself think Barbara! not Beverly!! Ramona is the best! And I am collecting Jonathon Coe's books. Maybe someday I will even start reading them. If you decide on which is the one to start with--let me know! ;)


Interesting--I will have to look the books up and see what order he wrote them in. I have several books by them--they all appeal, but so far I seem to be just adding them to my reading pile!


I spotted the Joy Rhoades book on the Book Depository. I think it is not yet out--maybe later this month or next? It will be a big splurge for me to get it as it is in hardcover only, from what I can tell, but I am sure I will give in and order--needing a treat for myself.... I have several Jonathan Coe books, including The Rotter's Club--but I didn't realize they were related. I have yet to try any of his books--I hope they work out okay for me since I have a small stack of his work--he 'appeals' to me in any case. We'll see.

Kathy Johnson

Some really intriguing books here, Danielle! Oh, for more time to read, and more money to buy books, and room to store them!


I have been very indulgent when it comes to buying books and even in a good situation I cannot keep up reading them. Lately the book piles in my bedroom seem to be growing at a rapid pace and I need to organize this weekend!!

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