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Michelle Ann

You may like The Greengage Summer, by Rumer Godden, about three children who are left to fend for themselves in France after their mother becomes ill on holiday. It is very evocative of 1950s France, and my favourite coming-of-age book.


I did see Where'd You Go Bernadette & enjoyed it w the caveat that I'm glad I only paid matinee prices. It's been over a year since I'd read the book & so had forgotten a lot. Of course the book can go into much more detail about Bernadette's psyche that can't be shown on screen in the amount of time allotted, but I think you'll get the drift.

What surprises me is I could totally accept that what happens in Where The Crawdads Sing could never happen & still enjoy the story. I had a hard time accepting some of the more bizarre aspects to Bernadette. I say see the movie...but go to a matinee.


I must suggest A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, if you haven't read it already.


I second this suggestion. It is an absolutely wonderful book and you must read it if you haven't already.


Beautiful work! How wonderful that you've found another artistic pursuit to explore. I can't wait to see what else you make. I'm with you on being a moody reader... I've read a couple of those books you mentioned and loved them. I'm currently reading The Boston Girl by Anita Diamant and it's wonderful. If you haven't checked that out give it a try.


My boyfriend and I saw Where'd You Go Bernadette and both really liked it - I read and loved the book before seeing it; he hasn't read the book.

K. Harris

You might try one by Josephine Humphries or Cathleen Schine, and there's Edisto, by Padgett Powell. One I loved is Little Miss Strange, by Joanna Rose. She does a great job of telling the story from the viewpoint of the child, changing her voice as she grows up, and yet letting you see more than she understands at the time.


That is one of the few books by Rumer Godden I have read and I agree--it is a wonderful story. I was thinking of rereading her novel Pippa Passes--have you read that one? About a dancer who travels to Italy? She wrote quite a few books and I think more than a few had younger narrators. Good idea--thanks for reminding me of her work!


I was hoping it opened this weekend here where I live so I can see it on the long weekend, but it seems that there will be slim pickings by the look of things! I have heard the book reads very quickly. I have heard Cate Blanchett is the big draw and I do like her a lot. Isn't it funny how easy it is with some reads to be really forgiving when it comes to lowering expectations or to suspend disbelief but you can't do so for others? I find that happens to me all the time. I have yet to get my hands on a copy of The Crawdads Sing, but I will get to it eventually.


I have read it--it is a great read. I think it has probably long enough now that the story is hazy and a reread would be almost like reading it for the first time all over again! Maybe I should read the sequel? But then I should read the original first and Then the sequel-lol.


It is definitely a keeper, I agree. I read it ages ago and it is well worth a reread!


I think I will not likely be able to read the book before seeing the movie, but I do want to see the movie! Glad to hear you both liked it and it did not suffer for not having read it first!


Thanks so much--so many good ideas. I am not familiar with all the authors you mention, but I know I have a book or two by Josephine Humphreys and Cathleen Schine. Little Miss Strange sounds really good, too-so will see if my library has a copy as it sounds especially good!


Joy in the Morning wasn't quite as good. I lost interest and didn't finish it. Whereas Tree Grows in Brooklyn I've read multiple times!


I have Joy in the Morning and maybe something else (did she write other books or am I only imagining it?) by her. I think I would want to reread Tree Grows in Brooklyn before reading the sequel though.


I have another plant hanger started but it is a different design than the previous one I made and I am a little stuck on the instructions so I need to search for some online help!! I am still working on Eve Green, but I am keeping my eyes peeled for another coming of age tale follow up. I have many times picked up The Boston Girl-now that you mention how much you are enjoying it, I think I need to get a copy to read, too!

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