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Thank you for this teaser. I've got books from this publisher all good. Will be looking this one up

Penny O'Neill

I look forward to hearing more about this book. Thanks for the teaser.

Kathy Johnson

Another to go on my list.

We are expecting a lot of rain this weekend with Hurricane Dorian out in the Atlantic, so I'm hoping that will translate into some extra reading time.


What a pretty way to present this book and of course even better that it does sound like a good one.


So far I am very much enjoying this and this is also, for me, the second book from this publisher I have read (loved the other one, too). I need to explore their backlist more, I think!


I will be writing about it later this month. The author is definitely creative in the characterization, which I love!


It is a perfect choice for my Japanese lit reading, though I think the author is British. So far-very good! And I hope you have not been affected by Dorian!!!


The last book I had from them as a review copy was also creatively presented. You can tell they give their books a lot of attention and thought. It makes the reading experience all the better.

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