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I am also a NYRB member, and one this arrived last week I just stared at it for several moments because it struck me as so strange. But, like you, I have dipped in and found it compelling. I may just do bits and pieces at a time, but I think it will turn out to be one of those interesting gems I never would have discovered on my own.


How intriguing. Of all the nonfiction and natural history books I've read, never has one been just about weather patterns. I'm curious!


I would never have picked this one up had I come across it elsewhere, but it is actually really very interesting. There is so much detail to take in, I am enjoying what I read, but I am not sure whether I will ever be able to explain how winds work to anyone. I think I will remember all the more curious bits and pieces, however. I agree--it is going to be one of those unexpected gems!


I think you would like it! Who knew wind could be so very interesting. I know some things from watching the weather reports--or at least am a little familiar with the terminology but it is cool to have it explained. It is packed with information--definitely worth checking out!


I think you need to take a picture of your NYRB collection and post it for us to ooh and aah over! :)
What a fascinating book. I must read more non-fiction!


Hmm. Maybe I need to do that! :) I have a stack in my bedroom and another in my bookroom....I would need to tidy them first, however!

Kathy Johnson

What a wonderful surprise! I often feel the way you do, that I'm only absorbing a portion of what I'm reading. But I figure a portion is better than nothing, and once I have a little information, it tends to open me up to finding more information on the same subject(s) and gradually my understanding grows.


This sounds fascinating! And I do appreciate your dilemma. But what about all the equally fascinating ones that you've already received but haven't read - aren't they as worthy as the ones that you don't even know about yet? (Always an advocate for the books who can't talk back. *LOL*)

Simon T (StuckinaBook)

"in the right hands, with the right author, almost any topic can be made not only wholly accessible, but downright entertaining." - agreed! This topic would never strike me as one to read about, but I'll now keep an eye out. I certainly know nothing about it now!


This is a book that calls for complete attention so I like to pick it up when I know I have a little extra time to devote to it. Definite sensory overload of facts, but I hope some of it sticks with me.


Oh, yes, they are absolutely all very worthy and I am sure when I get around to the next one (whichever I pull from the pile) I will wonder why I waited so long to start it. They sit so patiently-see, this is why I always end up with so many partially started books on my night stand! :)


When I first saw this was the upcoming book selection I was not all that impressed to be honest. I like nature books, but this seemed just a little too specific, but I swear--it pretty much just grabbed me from the first and I can't wait to get to the parts that are more literary in reference (to myths and legends, etc). So I think it will even get better!!

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