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Kathy Johnson

Good luck with your choice, because I'd read a description and think oh, that sounds good...then I'd read the next one and think the same thing!

I love Stranger Things, too. It's addictive!


I tend to pick one up and 'try it out' and then if it grabs me I will stick with it. And if another one calls out more strongly I will pick up the other one instead. It is hard and at the moment my reading pile is pretty tall as I was trying to finish The Virgin Suicides before watching the movie. And while it is not a long book, it is dense in its own way and took me longer to get through than I anticipated. So this weekend will be catch up time!


Great prompt and I love your choices! How will you ever pick one? But then all your lists make me feel that way ;) The only one I’ve read is Desert Heat. I enjoy that series with its heroine juggling business and family in small town Arizona. The author has several other series, but I’ve never gotten into them. And now I want to check out Terrible, Horrible Edie — it does sound like a perfect summer read. Enjoy your weekend wherever it and your many interests take you!


My prompt for August — None of the possibilities on my list appealed, so I came up with a new one: A World of Murder—Mystery in Translation. And for once, I have a list to choose from, too, since I have a bunch on my Kindle: The Dinosaur Feather, S. J. Gazan; Faceless Killers, Henning Mankell; Eva’s Eye, Karin Fossum; The Hidden Child, Camilla Lackberg; The Murder of Halland, Pia Juul; The Boy in the Suitcase, Lene Kaaberbol and Agnete Friis, plus a true crime story—The Dark Heart by Joakim Palmkvist. There are a couple Simenons around, too, and another Karin Fossum In the TBR stacks for a month where I want to read them all! ;). Well, maybe I’ll make it through several...Any recommendations?


I know! When I pick up one to start to read all I can think is, but that other one sounds good, too.... So I am sort of trying out a few pages of a few and hopefully one will just grab me and I will stick with it! Too many really good choices. Often I sort of have one book in mind and just want to play it off the others to make sure it is the right book for the moment. Maybe I think about this too much and too hard--lol?! I am sort of leaning towards Edie to be honest--that author wrote several books which I think are all about that family. The Jance sounds great, but as I have three mysteries started right now, I might pick something else for variety.


Yeah, talk about how will you choose?! I was thinking I should have made one of my prompts--"finish what you start" and make a point of picking up one of the books I have half read but sits languishing. So I might tweak my prompts for the last months of the year. I have not read an of the books in your list, but I know Karin Fossum is someone I want to try (and I keep looking for her books at library sales). I love Simenon and you can't miss with any of his books--I just started Mr. Hire's Engagement as my library just got in the DVD "Panique" which is the movie based on the book (made in 1946 and restored and released again by Criterion Collection). I really want to watch the movie so need to read the book first! :) And I also could not resist the new Laura Lippman, The Lady in the Lake, which is as good as everyone says. Maybe not so helpful as it is not one on your Kindle! I know I want to read The Boy in the Suitcase and the other more recent book by those authors, so I might lean that way. I am sure you will find something really good in your list of choices.


I love, love, love Terrible Horrible Edie and all the other books about Edie and her family. Can't wait to see what you think of her!


Thanks for your thoughts! I think I’m going to start with The Murder of Halland and because it’s shortish, I might be able to fit in The Boy in the Suitcase, too. I really want to read the new Laura Lippman, but ought to read first the one I bought last year of hers, Sunburn :). Good luck with your prompt pick!


Sometimes how long (or short) dictates which book I choose. For me, the Agatha Christie is a nice size mystery--not too long and very absorbing. It is funny as I just went to a library sale and found a nearly new condition copy of The Boy in the Suitcase, so I am happy to have a copy, too. I also have (and also unread...sigh) the last Lippman--Sunburn also sits in my TBR. I could not resist her newest, though.


Oh, so glad you have left your comment. I see that there are other books by this author and plan on looking them up. This looks like a fun read and I hope to squeeze it in this month as well!

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