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Sam Sattler

Ha...I thought I was the only one who sometimes took books directly from the hold shelves to the outside return slot because they didn't appeal to me in person the way they did over the internet. That's a relief.

Season Two of Stranger Things is definitely worth the time spent on it. I liked it better than Season 1, and a whole lot better than Season 3. Season 3 was pretty mediocre until the last couple of episodes.


LOL. I work in a library and do the same thing with my holds. I never look at my Later shelf either.

I have stacks of books,too, including the stack that I need to read before returning to the library because someone else has requested them.

Happy Reading!


* More rooms in our house have books than rooms without. Even the bathrooms have books.
* Clicks heels together and says "Take me to fall."
* Doesn't work.
* Got an ARC from NetGalley called SNOW. About...snow. Maybe that will help cool me off.
* Heat index 105 today. Don't think so.
* Am completely lost reading-wise anyway: found a bunch of Lois Lenski books I'd never read on Kindle Unlimited.
* Should go back to Susan Toth's MY LOVE AFFAIR WITH ENGLAND.
* Did I mention I liked your bullet post?


Oh Danielle, you are a sunshine on a rainy day. I so much enjoyed your bullet post :)


Maybe I am not the only one who does these sorts of things after all! Sometimes if it is just one book I will had it off to the Circ clerk when I am checking out several others, but if I am offloading more books than checking out I feel guilty. And yes, a little blurb online might make a book sound really wonderful but when you get it in hand it often seems like a different book entirely. Or too long or with print too tiny to know I can reasonably read before the due date. So many little things come into play when choosing! Good to hear that season two of Stranger Things is good. There were too many unanswered questions to leave it, though I have not yet started the next season. I might not watch the third season--if the characters change too much from the first two seasons--we'll see. Sometimes it is better to leave a show at a natural conclusion rather than keep trying to wring out more story from it.


I really need to get back to that Later shelf. I sometimes think this would be a perfect place to put books that sound interesting, but part of the problem is unless the library has the book, I can't add to the list. Not the perfect solution then for a wishlist of sorts. I have varying piles of books in my bedroom. When they begin growing like weeds and popping up all over the place I will organize and return books to shelves and it will be blissfully tidy for maybe two days before they begin again. And library books always mess up the reading flow--books that can't be renewed butt in and throw my reading all off!


And I like your bullet comment--thank you! It's like a stream of consciousness activity-nicely flowing, don't you think? Ugh--105?! I has been warm and very humid here, but not so horrible like we had before with the temperature or feels like temp of more than 100 thank goodness. I feel for you. And I often think of reading something cold during summer (and something hot during winter). I am also ready for fall, but I happily click heels to go somewhere cool and crisp and picturesque! I read that Toth book and have several books that she wrote as memoirs, too, which I will get to someday!


So glad you enjoyed this! I actually think of you when I do a bullet point post, but it has been a while, hasn't it!

Diane Challenor

Hello! This morning I decided to leave a comment on your bullet point post. I decided it was time to let you know how much I enjoy your blog posts. I follow them via an RSS feed, which means I get them all. Sometimes I skim them, sometimes I read every word. This one in particular spoke to me because I write a “Bullet Journal” nearly every day. They really work, don’t they; no need to structure a paragraph, nor a flowing “Dear Diary” note. I loved the content of your bullet points, and your humour. Keep doing what you do, your words inform me, inspire me, and make me smile. Thank you!


Hi Diane, Thanks so much for leaving your comment--I really appreciate it. I forgot how much I like this format of posting. I did it now and again but it has been ages. The thoughts just flow out stream of conscious, so you really don't have to worry about structuring something nice and tidy. How you approach reading blogs is much the same as me, though I have fallen behind of late and do more looking and skimming than commenting. I started a reading journal at the start of the year--not meant to be a proper journal just some thought or idea or list or quote from what I was reading, but I need to get back to it. I wanted to be able to look back at the end of the year and see where my reading meandered. Maybe your comment will inspire me to pick it back up and continue on as there is still plenty of year left. All the best to you and thank you so much for the kind words!


Lovely post though I wouldn't mind a little of your heat but not so much the humidity! We currently seem to be veering between summer and autumn -sometimes both in the same day - and it is getting a bit tiresome.
I am REALLY fed up with the rain - it makes the weeds grow and my geraniums go brown!

I am currently trying, but failing, to cull my book stacks as we get ready to downsize. For every two books that make the 'go' pile, I keep finding another two I had forgotten I had which I squirrel away into my 'read soon' section which seems to grow by the day. Now all I need is the time in which TO read - seems to be in shorter supply than usual!



I am supposed to be weeding general and books included as it is my desire to move out of my house at some point into something smaller and less in need of so much maintenance, but I have not made much progress at all in any capacity on that front. I know once I start, at least on non-book stuff, it will go pretty easily. Of course, what to do with all my stitching and quilting things. Some I can part with pretty easily, but other things I will want to keep. A dilemma. Are you planning on moving soon? Aside from some pretty nasty days, the weather has been okay. Not perfect but by Nebraska standards--at least endurable if not enjoyable!!

Kathy Johnson

I know we are fortunate to have the distractions of books and engrossing television and hobbies that involve using our hands when it is so hot and humid and "same"--but I'm ready for some cooler weather and something to look forward to. Since I'm behind in reading your posts, I'm guessing you did make it through your long week ultimately!


I did--thankfully! And we have hit a nice stretch of mild weather for which I am eternally grateful. I hope nicer weather makes its way to you now, too! I feel for you and the humidity!! Distractions are always a very good thing.

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