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Interesting to hear that yiu have a reading prompt. It sounds like it works as a themed read?


I envy you if you watch Carnival Row - I have seen some of the publicity for it and it really appeals to me but sadly I have just had to cancel my subscription to the streaming service for money saving purposes so I will have to wait!
I only know of one other Eve Chase book, her first, called (in the UK at least) Black Rabbit Hall. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I suspect it would appeal to you too.
Speaking of books that would appeal - I have just read and loved The Girl from The Savoy by Hazel Gaynor which is very definitely your cup of hot beverage, set in the post WW1 period. Definitely a book to get lost in and a very satisfying read.


Guess what book I started reading - Clock Dance by Anne Tyler! Did you like it? So far so good. Yes, I do look back on my blog sometimes but I really enjoyed this post so I may need to take some inspiration from you :) Hope you've been having a wonderful holiday weekend.

Kathy Johnson

I do look back at my reading log now and then. It's fun to see what meanderings my reading life takes.

Did you get to spend time reading this weekend? I didn't do as much as I hoped, as my husband and I had to replace the starter in my car, and then we had a lightning strike take out our internet modem and wi-fi router, so both of those had to be replaced so that I can work at home! But we didn't have a hurricane, so I am thankful for that.


My monthly reading prompt is the one thing during the year (goal wise) I actually manage to stick to and accomplish! This is the third or fourth year now that I have come up with a list of themes that I use--one each month and I pull books from my own shelves to read. It has been really fun to do and I try and vary the themes from year to year!


I have not yet been able to watch it, but I plan to. I don't watch much regular TV and rely mostly on streaming from Amazon and Netflix, but I agree it is really a splurge and I can understand the desire to stick to a budget. I didn't think Eve Chase had many books--I loved the one I read (I think it has a different UK title) and have been wanting to read another book by her. Maybe I can add it to my possible RIP reads that I think I need to create. Anything to add another book to read the reading pile, I guess!! I thought I had that Gaynor book and for once I went looking and found it nearly at the top of one of the first piles I looked through--thanks for the reminder. I do love that era and it is about time I got back to it. So glad you found it so satisfying--I know I am ready for something really engaging to loose myself in.


I hope you like it--I have read so very few of her books--actually now that I think about it, that might be the lone one. I did like it a lot. It is fun going back and seeing what I was up to a year or even two or three ago. And sometimes I will spot a library book I wanted to read but didn't manage to get to but now is in paperback....


I didn't finish the book I wanted to but I am close and will likely finish tonight. I spent a couple of hours in a favorite coffee shop with some books and my journal so it was a nice way to spend my day off and not something I often get to do! Yes, not having a hurricane to contend with is a very good thing and I was wondering if Dorian had affected you. I think maybe it still must make the weather stifling?

Penny O'Neill

I do go back to my reading booklist and often surprised by what I read and what I wanted to read, the time of year I read, who might have suggested the book (including you). :)


I know how that goes--only too well! It is fun to look back at what I was doing. It sometimes inspires me to get back to certain books--especially those library books that went back unread....or books I bought but didn't pick up immediately. Bookish nostalgia! :)

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