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How lovely! And to think it’s made with just two types of knots — I would never have guessed. What an interesting mix of classes you are taking—I always think one of the fun things about fall is classes starting up again. Thanks for sharing your craft adventures


I do envy you your crafting ability - I have absolutely no talent with things like that! I am rather fond of macrame though, having grown up in the 60's and 70's.


That looks wonderful! I feel like Macrame is really having a moment now isn't it? I saw an article in one of the Somerset magazines and they interviewed a Macrame artist. Really beautiful work. Do you have another class coming up?


Thank you. There are actually three knots, but the I had not gotten to that third one when I took this photo. I have since finished the hanging and will share a photo. The community college is offering all sorts of new classes like this--what they are calling "lost arts" which I think is pretty cool. I did macrame in grade school, but we pinned the rope (it might have been jute) to a board--much harder than this way. I am signed up for another basket weaving class and also a five week rug weaving class which should be really interesting.


I am not really sure how talented I am at this--it took me some time for me to wrap my head around the new knot I learned--I kept wrapping the rope the wrong way and was getting frustrated, but it is fun and I think it is good for my brain to learn something new like this. It is sort of therapeutic or meditative, which I like. But I need to get my stitching out again, too. I remember doing macrame in grade school when I was a kid, though not as cool looking as this! And I am fond of the 70s, too!


Thanks. It is definitely making a come back I think. I have started seeing it on Instagram and some of the things people are making are seriously cool. I am not sure I will ever get that far with it, but I want to try and make some things to give my family for Christmas. I just like doing it. I wonder which Somerset magazine it was? Did you see it recently? I have not picked up any of their magazines for ages, though they are beautiful. I will have to google it--thanks for the heads up.

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