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A lot of crafts are very meditative, partly I suspect because there is a certain amount of repetitive action. It’s so satisfying to make something which is why my house is full of different projects because my desire to have a go outweighs my abilities. So I end up with loads of projects that are unfinished.

Kathy Johnson

That's really cool. It's always satisfying to do something with your hands, especially something you can use or display.


This planthanger looks really professional to me.
You do have a real talent for crafts, needing once again only one lesson to come up with this result. That class in fall sounds great.
I have been stitching for half an hour in the evening for about two months now and it has become something I look forward to during the day. So I very well understand what you say about these craft projects making you happy.


That's lovely. I really like the twisted, decorative part on the hanging cords- like a double helix? My teenager does macrame- has starting making bracelets and did one plant hanger too.


Your macrame plant holder looks lovely, and how fun to leave the class with a finished project you can use and enjoy right away. Your class possibilities sound tempting — how nice to have those available to try and then get more into when they appeal.


That is exactly how this is. Once you start knotting it is a lot of the same as you make your way down and around the cords. You can think of other things or nothing at all and it feels really good in the hands, too. I am a crafter, too, though most of my unfinished projects are limited to cross stitch samplers. One of my goals is to go through my stash and organize and weed!!! I need to pick something up, too, and get some work done on one of them--why do I have all these if I am not working on them!


It was fun to do and that is part of the reason I signed up--I was hoping, and it turned out to be the case, to actually finish it in class. I don't have a place for this yet, so it might end up as a Christmas gift for someone. I was thinking I could look for patterns and make some other things for my sisters--but we'll see. So much easier sometimes to take a class and finish it at the moment than try and get things together at home.


I really do enjoy working with my hands like this. I think it is not a very perfect first try, but I am not unhappy with it by any means. What project are you working on? I keep thinking I need to pull out just one project that is partially finished and try and spend at least 15 minutes on it every day. Maybe tonight I will see what is close at hand....


Thanks! All the knots have proper names and I have a booklet for reference but not close at hand at the moment. I love that top one that swivels, like you say a double helix shape. Isn't it funny how it just does that? KNotting is really pretty interesting. I wouldn't mind trying to make some smaller bracelets--I know it is maybe more a teenager sort of thing, but there are some really lovely patterns that use cool beads, too.


It is not often you can take a class and actually leave with a completed project, but the classes at the community college seem to be structured that way, which is cool. I think I might sign up for a rug weaving class, though it lasts for five sessions--one class a week for three hours each time. Macrame seems very accessible!

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