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Sam Sattler

I'm starting to wonder whether a person can become ADD in his old age. I can't seem to concentrate on one book at a time anymore and find my mind wandering to what else I could be reading instead. That's not very productive because it slows down my reading of the book in hand, and it delays me getting to those other books in the stack anyway. Lose-Lose.

And it's worse this week because I had six library holds waiting on me when I got home last Tuesday. Picked them up on Wednesday and have so far finished The Nickel Boys and I'm about 60% of the way through Furious Hours (the one about Harper Lee's attempt to use an Alabama trial as basis of a new book). But that leaves four hour from that short stack to go with only 8 days to spare.

So because I know that I won't be able to read all of them, picking the next one up is harder than ever. And with my luck, the other 7 holds are all going to come in together, also. But you're right...not much of a real life problem, is it?


Do I have some languishing books? Yes, indeed. I just decided to “regularize” the status of two books that I wasn’t reading anymore and put them back on the shelf. There are some other candidates waiting, too. Do I return books to spots on the shelf when I find I’m in over my head? Yes, and also do this with library holds when they all come in at once. I just returned Circe :( (but it’s back on hold so I’ll be reading it later). Do I want to read all the books? Pretty much! The Mirror Crack’d from Side to Side is classic Christie, and I read and enjoyed French Leave a few years ago — wonderful descriptions of food and family! Hope you are enjoying what you decide to peruse.

Kathy Johnson

Oh, yes, I spend a lot of time thinking about what to read next, and "curating" my teetering TBR piles and lists. I've gotten stricter with myself about buying books, so the pile isn't increasing in size quite as badly. However, my library recently changed its cataloging system, and now my account has a handy little thing called a "for later shelf." Now every time I look up a book on the library system I'm tempted to either check it out then and there or put it on the "for later" shelf. Now I have both a paper TBR list and an electronic one with very little overlap. Which to choose from? That's my personal reading dilemma.


I think in my case I must have OCD--it is crazy sometimes how I obsess over my reading. Don't get me wrong, I totally enjoy it but I sort of overthink things when it comes to how much or little I am reading and finishing. What you say here completely resonates with me. I wish I could be a one or maybe two book at a time reader and there was a day, before blogging, that I was. But the internet and access to so very many books has changed my world! For me, even though I actively am checking out library books, I tend to let those go easiest as I know I have so many at home and can take as much time with them as I need. Unless I know I am going to read something right away--new books with long waiting lists tend to be the ones I peruse and return quickly. I am forever looking for that happy medium. But I guess it is always a work in progress quite literally!


So I have picked up the Christie and yes, it is SO good. Definitely the right book as I didn't want to set it down last night and I can't wait to go to the gym and read more! I still have the Gavalda, though, as I want to try and read it when I finish with Miss Marple. I am glad I am not the only one who shifts books back and forth. I have exactly the same reading habits! ;)


Isn't that a great word and a perfect way to describe a personal library?! I am a curator, too! I have a for later shelf, too, on my library account and have been trying to make better use of it. Sometimes it is better to just save a book there than get in line for it as I know I won't be able to read it quickly and so better to just wait a while. I have endless lists--I need to choose one and stick to it, but they are literally all over the place--including here-those forthcoming "I want to read this" lists I occasionally share. I sometimes feel like a wine addict who hides her little bottles all over the place!


Must be something in the air at the moment as I am in seriously dithery reading mode - so many to choose from but so hard to settle on one that really fits the bill for my limited reading time.
My complication is that for years I have used my daughter's library card as well as my own but now it is due to expire later this month. She has offered to renew it but it occurred to me that since we will hopefully be moving in the next few months and to an area with a different library system, it would be better for me to bite the bullet and let it go (she doesn't have the same reading habit I do so wouldn't be using it herself)
Theoretically I have another week to read as many books currently on it as possible before I have to either return them or transfer as many as I can to my own library card - but trying to decide which to read is proving difficult. Not the biggest problem in the world, or even in my life, but it is definitely causing me headaches at the moment!


There is a pressure of what I want to read and what I 'should' read. And then the library books add to the stress and books I want to read by a certain time (before I see the movie adaptation perhaps). It isn't that I necessarily want to abandon that stack of books, but just that I have too many started and have to make a choice. Then the next day I will get something new and it throws things back off kilter. I think it IS a problem when it comes to choosing. Really--if you think about it--you are making a time commitment to a book and who wants to slog through a so-so story? Not when you could be reading something really fantastic. I didn't realize you were going to be moving? Are you planning on moving to a new town? Will it mess up your job situation? I wish I could move to a smaller place--I don't want a house anymore, but renting is almost more expensive.

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