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Goldenrods don't exist here, they're quite bright and pretty! Over here corn is only bought in cans and eaten in salads, the crunchier the better, and cold with salad dressing and tuna chunks, green beans or iceberg lettuce, cherry tomatoes and such. Only when I got to HK did I discover cans of creamy corn that I ate warm. I didn't know there would be different ways to cook them but I'd love to learn some new ways.


I still get letters every once in a while and I treasure them. I need to write more but you know how it goes. We have made corn a couple of times this summer by throwing it in the air fryer and it's been delicious. My husband found a recipe for Mexican corn and it was really good.


I am very bad at recognizing and being able to name flowers, but I like that on campus they use a lot of native plants and flowers and sometimes there are markers explaining them. I love corn on the cob and have been enjoying the fresh stuff, which is always nicer than the canned corn. I like it just plain or with pepper and parmesan cheese. But it is also good in salads or with other veggies. Curiously I have never tried creamed corn--I am not sure why. I think it didn't appeal when I was a kid and I just always reach for regular corn, but I should really give it a try as I suspect I would like it these days. Have you ever heard of corn flavored ice cream??? I have had it here--it's actually not bad and as you would expect only a seasonal treat!


I exchange postcards mostly with a few people and get an occasional letter in the mix as well and they are always a treat. I have never had corn made in an air fryer--I must look that up. Sometimes I put an ear of corn in foil and will roast it in the oven--not quite as good as on a grill, but it works and it is a favorite way of mine to prepare it.

Christine Harding

I've not read the book you have, but I have the Stillmeadow Daybook, and I love it - I got that, and Rachel Pedder's Rural Free some years back, after reading reivews and excerpts on Nan's blog at Letters from a Hill Farm. Sadly, neither author seems to be well known here in England, which is a shame, because they are such a lovely, well-written record of a slower, gentler way of life.


She was quite prolific it seems. I am not familiar with Rachel Pedder but I will check her out. I think in her day Gladys Tabor was quite popular over here--not sure how many people read her now, but I quite enjoy dipping into this book. I also love escaping into what seems now, like a much simpler way of life. I wish it was not so crazy these days, but maybe it just feels nostalgic? Can you find many of the Tabor books in the UK?

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