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Reader Lane

That is just beautiful! And I guess it will be even more so when you finish your decorating. Perfect colors for autumn! Thanks for sharing your crafting adventures — looking forward to hearing more about them next month. I took a basketry class at the Augusta Heritage Festival in WV years ago where we spent a week making white oak egg baskets, going through every step including cutting the white oak tree down (well, the teacher and two guy students did most of that ;). It took me awhile to figure out a use for the basket, (now, it holds the dog’s harness and leash, etc) but just looking at it always makes me happy.


it's great! what an awesome class! 50 teabags for coloring seems a little overboard, you'll be overexcited if you drink them all!

Christine Harding

That is lovely. I've done very simple weaving, with cloth, paper, thread etc, but never tried anything like this, and especially not 3D things. Is it easy to do, or is it tough on the hands?


Thank you. I really love these classes and I am looking forward to trying to squeeze one more in this year still. It is really perfect for fall--even if I don't get it tea stained yet, I think I will use it for my postcard mail. I think it is very cool you took a basketry class--now that one sounds really challenging so I would also be extremely proud to have done it all from start to finish. I feel a little like I am cheating as all the materials are ready as in a kit and we just weave and assemble basically. I do like this, though, as I am learning different skills with each new kind of basket and I hope eventually to do one entirely on my own. There is nowhere in Omaha I can buy the supplies, however, so I will have to do that part via the mail. Every time you look at your basket I imagine you have fond memories and a sense of pride--I know I would! :)


It does sound a little like overkill, doesn't it? The website looks like accurate instructions for basket making, but I will google a bit more and see if I can find other places that show instructions. This one had photos, too. This is funny though--the box of inexpensive tea bags I bought are decaffeinated--haha!


Thanks very much Christine! I have done a little weaving as well with fibers and I really like it, too. Basket weaving has been a lot of fun and I am not sure if it is my favorite kind, but I do want to keep at it. It is actually not hard at all, once you have your materials assembled. Getting the base or just starting out it can be challenging to form the basket, but once you have the first weavers locked in place the rest goes pretty smoothly. The ones I have made are using reeds and as long as you have them wet they are quite pliable and not hard on the hands at all. I think other materials can be hard to work with. And they get easier to make as you go. I will have to share all three together so you can see what they look like.

Christine Harding

Oh please do - I'd love to see them all.


Love this Danielle! How wonderful that you found a new craft to try. And, I'm looking forward to what you share with us later this month. I love taking classes even if they are in things I may not necessarily follow up on but a new craft class always helps to get the creative juices flowing!


I will share shortly. Every time I am planning a post I seem to run out of time and energy. I signed up for one more class this year--it is not until later in November--a 'poinsettia' basket. I think she will be offering classes in the spring as well--really love this new skill/hobby.


Thanks, Iliana. I am very much enjoying this. I only have been doing the baskets in a classroom setting as all the materials are ready and you just have to show up. I would need to buy a lot of materials if I wanted to do it on my own. Maybe after I have had more practice and experience I will try it on my own. I like seeing other people's creations, too, even if the craft is not one I might try--always inspiring to see other's artwork!!

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