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Sam Sattler

I find it hard to believe that Amazon could send out 800 copies of the new Atwood book by mistake. Doing so seems to have some advantages for Amazon and some disadvantages for the indie bookstores, so I'm willing to bet that Jeff Bezos is not at all unhappy that this happened. Who knows if he didn't pre-approve the "glitch"?


Glad to see you are progressing so well with Kinsey Milhone ; perhaps one of Attica Lowe's books would make a good interval read? I am glad to see that she has another book coming out and I will search out my copies of Prep and Circe as she recommends them so highly.

I am on the waiting list for 'The Secrets We Kept' but I want to re-read The Handmaid's Tale before I read Testaments - so it could be a while before I get around to it.


Melmoth sounds like a very interesting and atmospheric read for the fall. Look forward to hearing what you think of it.

Thanks for posting the link to the Giller longlist. I've "met" few good books through that prize before so always interested to see what books are up for it!


That is questionable about the early release of Margaret Atwood's book by Amazon. Something doesn't sound right. I do want to read it but oddly enough I think I'm going to wait a while. I need to check out the Giller longlist! I'm sure I'll find lots more books to add to my list.


It's bad for indie bookstores as now readers will think they can get new releases faster from Amazon--not much of a level playing field already but this is just one more way places like Amazon benefit unfairly. It does seem fishy!


I love the Sue Grafton books! I started reading Bluebird Bluebird by Attica Locke, but I feel sort of bereft not to check in every day with Kinsey, so I pulled N is for Noose and keep it by my bed, so I am sure I will end up starting it sooner rather than later after all. I felt the same way--I have Prep on my shelves and need to get back to Circe. She writes about books so compellingly! I have The Secrets We Kept with me now--if I don't start it now I will never finish by the due date and the line is so long I can forget getting another chance at it for months!!


I am reading Melmoth and really like it. She is a very good storyteller. It is a slow burn sort of story, but I don't care as I am getting wrapped up in the characters' stories. I always like to look up longlist prize titles as I usually find some new to me books that look very tempting.


I am waiting to read Testaments, too. I am in line (so many people ahead of me already) for it at the library. For such a major new release it seems very questionable that SO many copies would have shipped early. Very unfair for everyone involved (except those readers who must have felt like they scored with getting a copy before everyone else).

Simon T (StuckinaBook)

The Mirror Crack'd (From Side to Side, to complete the UK version of the title!) is one of my favourite Christies - and one of my favourite twists!


It does have a very good explanation. It always amazes me that Agatha Christie more often than not manages to surprise me. I always think I am so savvy when it comes to crime novels, but she is truly a master. I had to watch the film adaptation with Elizabeth Taylor after I finished the book. Not quite as good as the book, but still entertaining.

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