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Hi Danielle! Thanks for the list; I'm marking a couple of these. Like you, I'm not so sure about the Emily St. John Mandel but I'll definitely give it a try when it comes out. I loved Station Eleven (which surprised me a little bit; I didn't expect to), so much so that I read all her previous novels as well. I thought they were all pretty good, but not great. It will be interesting to see if she manages to top Station Eleven or if that remains her best work.
The German House looks pretty interesting; ditto for Bookshop in Berlin. So many books, so little time (and energy, I'm afraid!)


Many of these sound good to me, but the one which jumps out is Emily St. John Mandel's. I think she's a fine writer - I'll read anything she writes, even if the description doesn't seem to suit me in the moment!


I've been reading an ARC of the SNOW book. Doesn't help to cool me off much, but am enjoying it.


I never feel like I am reading fast enough and then over the weekend I had little reading time which is always really disappointing, but that doesn't stop me looking forward to new books. I really loved that Emily St John Mandel book I read so I will be giving her new one a go, too. I have not yet had a chance to go back and check out her backlist. As you say--there are so many choices--I am such a mood reader that my interests seem to be constantly changing--not always a good thing for the stack of books on my nightstand.


I have only read the last book she wrote, but based on that and how much I loved it I will be in line for her new book. I have not yet had a chance to read any of her previous books, but there are a few that look especially interesting. She is definitely a wonderful storyteller!


Lucky you. I hope my library gets a copy of it so I can check it out. We have also been rather toasty still and lately wet as well. Finally yesterday it was a bit cooler and this morning a semi-crisp sort of morning, but we still have a long way to go for fall weather, I think. I just want something nice and pleasant and comfortable--not a leap from high summer to almost winter.....


Like you, I used to immediately get my hands on any new Allende book but I've fallen behind. I am very curious about this one as I think it's quite a different place and time setting for her. So many good books to look forward to. I'm taking note of some of the others you've mentioned!


I am sure if I picked up a book by her I would love it as much as I did when I first discovered her. So many authors I have binged on in the past have fallen by the wayside--there are so many new books and new authors to discover, but I always enjoy revisiting old favorites. This new one sounds really good, but yes, very different from her previous books! I could easily reread her, too, now!

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