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The Ghost & Mrs. Muir is definitely not scary. I loved the tv show w Hope Lange & Edward Mulhare. I hope you enjoy the story.


Hi Danielle! The R.I.P. event looks fun -- I love a good ghost story and have always enjoyed a shivery good read! I looked at the guidelines and was very tempted but I don't think it's a possibility right now (sigh), even if I, like you, limited my involvement to spiritual participation!
Your list of possibilities looks great; I've only read a couple but I saw several intriguing selections (I'll definitely check out the Uninvited). I read Melmoth (I think it was last year, but can't really remember) and was definitely impressed if not totally wowed. I loved Perry's way with words and her ability to create a sense of atmosphere (I could almost see those snowy evenings in Prague or feel the heat in the Turkish town on the Bosporus in another of the book's episodes). I found the story creepy and grippy, not quite horror -- uncanny? I dunno! Although I did have a few reservations, I found it definitely a worthwhile read.
Anyway, I'll look forward to hearing about your selections!


I had high hopes for Melmoth as I loved Sarah Perry's first book The Essex Serpent, but sadly it didn't really work for me and I gave up quite early. It may have been just the wrong time for it for me so I will reserve judgement and try again later.

The Uninvited sounds interesting - I have a number of spooky stories from my grandad's time as a rural policeman in early 20th century Ireland so this would fit right in for me.
I can definitely recommend Kathy Reichs - I think this is the first of her Temperance Brennan books and I recall loving it and reading follow-ups as soon as I could after they were published. She is a very good writer and the books are certainly gripping although I wouldn't say they were spooky or creepy.

I think I will probably restrict my RIP reading to a couple of Susan Hill's ghost stories that I bought for my husband - they are quite slight so easy to put in my bag to read at work or if I'm waiting for a bus. I won't try and read them at night as I have far too overactive an imagination!


Some great titles here but the ones that most interest me are Strangers and The Uninvited. Totally spooky. Can't wait to hear which ones you end up reading. I love the Fall and find it the perfect time for spooky reads. I still haven't picked up any of my RIP selections but maybe tonight.


I had not realized there was more than one version of the movie--I wonder if I can get my hands on that adaptation. First to read the book, though I am starting with Melmoth and hope to pick up another book or two before Halloween.


Hi Janakay--this 'challenge' sort of snuck up behind me. It still feels so very much like summer that I am not in a fall mode yet, but I do like to read a ghost story or two in the fall. I am only also just reading on my own with a nod towards the real challenge. So far I am very much liking Melmoth--I like the atmosphere she creates, too. I wonder if it is based on some actual legend or myth--Melmoth sounds a little like a vampire, but I am not sure yet what she is meant to be. Uncanny is good in my book--sometimes that is even scarier than the over the top stuff! I hope to read a book or two more as well this season.


I love Susan Hill's ghost stories, though I am not sure there are any I have not read--have not read any of the Simon Serrailler books. So far I am very much enjoying Melmoth. I sort of put it off thinking I would not like it as much as other historical fiction novels, but this one is clicking nicely. Somehow I was thinking she would be too literary and maybe too 'dry' or something, which is awful. I had a bad experience with a novel about a forensic scientist--it was ages ago and maybe a little too descriptive-I think it was a Patricia Cornwall book and a long time ago. So I pretty much have passed by any crime novels about forensic science with the exception of a few (Elly Griffiths is good since it has an archaeological bent). But the Reichs really does look good! And I had planned to start with The Uninvited, but I picked up Melmoth and will keep up the momentum, but I do still want to try and read it this fall.


I think there is something about Japanese Lit and ghost stories. There seem to be lots of ghosts in those books I pick up! I want to read The Uninvited for sure--at some point still this year, anyway!


Kathy Reichs is much more human than some other writers and Tempe Brennan is a far more likeable character (she has a much loved white cat who travels with her when she moves between the USA and Canada for a start)

There are some forensic details but I have never found them to be too offputting.

I have only read the very first of Susan Hills Serailler crime novels and somehow never went back, cant remember why, which is odd because I have been an admirer of her work since the 1980s. I know I have the second in the series
somewhere around and it is bound to turn up in my house-move sort out so I might give it another try.

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The Reichs definitely appeals to me and I am happy that there are not too many gruesome details. That is why I tend to avoid FBI novels--they are too descriptive. I like crime novels, but I think I want more of the social aspect and societal aspect rather than to hear all about the actual murder! I like Susan Hill, too, and her ghost stories are some of the best-she is my favorite contemporary ghost story teller!

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