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Sam Sattler

"Zoo Nebraska" is one of the more fascinating books I've read this year. I still can't believe there were so many eccentric (I'm trying to be nice here) in such a small town. What happened to the "stars" in that little zoo was really tragic.

Sam Sattler

"eccentric" people


The premise is really interesting and it sounds like it took him ages to get the story. He had to confirm facts from others as the man he was writing about, who owned the zoo, would not let him write about it. I think he said it took about ten years from start to finish. It is an odd story--I have only dipped into it and not had a chance to read it in earnest. I imagine he had good intentions, but zoos are pretty problematic for me especially this one from what I understand about it.


What fun! I love lit festivals and unfortunately have missed out on the one we have in our area the past couple of years. Looks like I'm going to have to miss it again this year. Ugh. What a fun weekend you had.


I think you have more artsy things where you live--we have not had a litfest in years so this was great fun. I hope it is not another three years until we have another!

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