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You do have a busy weekend. Have a wonderful time at the Lit Festival! Like you, I am ready for Fall weather but no luck here.


I hope you enjoy Hamilton - my daughter in law and her sisters spent a small fortune to go and see it in London and thoroughly enjoyed it.

I have both A Single Thread and The Secrets We Kept waiting for me at the library and really looking forward to getting my paws on them - having read that Tracy Chevalier's next book will be set in Venice, I'm very much looking forward to that too!

Not sure that even Margaret Drabble can help you understand the mess that is current British politics!


If you like the women as spy genre, another to add to the list is Clare Mulley's The Spy Who Loved. I thought it was fabulous.


Hamilton, wow, I hope you'll have a great time! Thanks for the news about Tracy Chevalier's upcoming book, I too was thinking it was a long time since her last. I will look for the podcast you recommend.


The last couple of weeks have been sort of crazy--like everything is smashed up into two weeks this fall, but I think things will calm down now for a while and maybe I can get back to reading and catching up online. The litfest was great fun. It has finally gotten a little cooler this morning, but it is not going to feel like proper fall yet for the next few days at least. I never know what to wear anymore!


I Loved Hamilton. I want to go see it again sometime. The accolades it has received are all well deserved. Of course I rushed to get the Chernow bio of Hamilton which is massive and just when I am going to read it is anyone's guess!! Tickets were crazy expensive--by the time we got it--not quite so bad, but still more expensive than normal but it was part of my yearly Broadway subscription so it worked out okay. I am about 3/4 through The Secrets We Kept and am enjoying it. It is due in abou two days and I may have to return it late as I did not get in much reading time over the weekend as I had hoped. Now, it is work time again so I will squeeze in as much reading time as I can...never enough of course. I think I will be getting the new Ann Patchett novel The Dutch House sooner than the Chevalier, which was just released. I am also waiting anxiously for the new Anne Perry, which is a new mystery series. I had not heard what Tracy Chevalier is working on next--a Venetian novel sounds great--that will be ages down the line, though..... I don't think I will quite understand the whole Brexit thing--I do find it interesting when I read that a book is a "brexit" novel--I am hoping a few stories might shed a little light anyway.


I have that book and pulled it out of my pile over the weekend--thanks for the reminder. She seems like she had quite an interesting (and ultimately tragic) life. I am glad there are so many books lately about female spies!


I loved Hamilton. It was pretty amazing and now I want to read about him and that era. (In my copious free time--lol). I am excited about the new Chevalier novel--I am in line for it--I am not sure I will be one of the first to get one of the first round of copies, but I hope I won't have too long to wait.

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