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Sam Sattler

What a great idea. I have at least half-a-dozen partially read books that I quit for reasons I can't even explain to myself. Re-visiting them to see if maybe I'm in the mood now to finish them seems like a smart thing to do before year-end so that I can start 2020's reading fresh.

Kathy A. Johnson

I need to do the same thing--I'd like to get a few more books off my TBR shelf, and do a bit more purging and tidying of my house. Autumn is my favorite season, and I also tend to do more cleaning, organizing, and planning then, rather than in spring.

Would you consider moving? And if so, how big a truck would you need for your books? ;)


I am very interested in the fact that you live in a house you no longer like. Have you talked about this before, and I missed it? Have you checked out smaller places?


I have friends who are currently starting the process of moving, and disposing of some old books is part of the problem. The husband has difficulty with some because they have sentimental value. The wife has no sympathy, and says that is his problem, she has no problem disposing of things. This is still the early stages and I am sure I will hear more about it when I next see them.


I always think of autumn as the time for a fresh start because it's the opening of the academic year, plus you know you've probably got a couple of months before the weather goes seriously downhill. Spring? well, I just want to go walking and exploring the countryside. Home has to wait.


I just take on too much at once. Everything Sounds so good but I am not always good at finishing one book before starting another so a few books always suffer. by the time I think I am ready to get back to a book, I occasionally have mentally moved on to some other story/mood/project. I like to at least start a new year off with a more reasonable pile if I can. Now is the moment to be thinking about it for me!


I returned a nice big pile of library books that I knew I was not in the mood for or could manage to read by the due date (and the ones that could not be renewed thanks to the long to let the next person get them now). I love autumn, too! Yes, I do want to move eventually. I want something smaller and I don't want the responsibility of owning a house. I hate to even imagine how I would manage to move all those books. I need to be weeding NOW! :)


I have probably not really talked much about it here, but I think about it all the time. My house comes with a lot of baggage--it was the house I moved into when I was married. Now I am divorced but I have housemates, who are totally cool and nice people, but the set up served a necessity when I first was on my own after the divorce and trying to get my finances in order. Although it would take some serious budgeting I would love to live on my own--my own space to do whatever I like whenever.... With housemates it is a constant negotiation of space since we essentially share the whole house. My neighborhood is not so nice as it used to be--my neighbors on one side have some serious domestic issues that it is not fun to watch (and I try and avoid it, but unfortunately the drama spills over). I am ready for yet another fresh start on my own terms. I want a small space which I would preferably not own--my house is old and requires SO much work that I just cannot afford, so it makes me stressed out. I feel like I am one emergency away from losing all my savings, if you know what I mean! But it is all so overwhelming--I need to figure out how to do this in smaller bits--just by getting rid of stuff now and making small improvements that will be towards selling. It sounds like I have a plan, but I can't seem to make a start!!


I guess the upside to being on my own (though I share a house with some other folks) is that I decide what stays and goes--I think I am not so sentimental for the most part with a lot of things, but it will be hard to really weed out books. I am hoping that once I make a start that I will just get on a roll and be able to let things go without too much grief! :) I can only imagine what your friends are going through--it is hard when a couple has varying emotions connected to a house and its contents!


I work in a university library, so fall is always a fresh start for me. I like that it is a new beginning to new projects. With the changing weather, too, you feel less as though you should be outside, so indoor projects are a good thing. Good weather is always something you have to pay attention to and it seems a shame to be inside when you can enjoy a pleasant day outside-I agree!

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