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Reader Lane

*Puts fingers in ears* “I can’t hear you. My TBR is too long already. Wait a minute, did I hear Tove Jansson? Dorothy L Sayers? Oops, there goes that list again ;)

Kathy A. Johnson

LOL--it's dangerous reading her book lists, isn't it?! I blame her for my completely ridiculous TBR list :)


Oh no, more books for my TBR list! I do have the Riku Onda book on my shelf. I'm hoping I can catch up on some of my reading during the Thanksgiving holiday. That's awesome that you renewed your membership for the NYRB books. You've received such interesting books.

Reader Lane

Indeed, it is! But hard to resist....

Simon T (StuckinaBook)

I was so excited that the Tove letters came out, and they're now on my coffee table, but who knows when I'll actually read it... Which biog do you have? I've read the Westin and the Karljanenin (sp!!) and both good, but prefer the Westin.


I'm looking forward to The Mutual Admiration Society, too. OK-ish review in The Guardian but I don't always agree with their opinions!


Me, too. I have a whole stack of in progress books where I am literally in the middle of them and just need time to spend with them to finish a few. It has been such a crazy and hectic last month that my reading has been seriously off the rails. I could not resist another year of NYRBs! Kind of naughty, but oh well. I hope I can get the Onda book from my library!


I have the Karjalainen bio, too, as yet unread just like you!! I love Tove's writing and find her life fascinating. It is only a matter of time before I cave in and get those letters, too. Maybe I will make a project of reading her work and about her next year!


We got a copy of it for my library and it crossed my desk, but I have only had a chance so far to glance at it. It might be a little too 'academic' for me at the moment, but it does look interesting. I kind of feel like reading one of her Lord Wimsey novels at the moment!

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