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I am already looking forward to your prompts. This is an approach where your creativity shines through I think. I admire your ability to find really original/unique prompts. It requires a different kind of thinking I guess. Am I correct in remembering also last year you totally succeeded with your prompts?

Sam Sattler

I love this idea because it gives a little structure to your reading while at the same time demanding a lot of creativity and thought from you. It's fun to see what you come up with every month.

Happy New Year!

Reader Lane

Impressive to see all twelve laid out like that! And you are working on next year’s list! I look forward to seeing what you come up with. I’m planning to do prompts next year, too, but you are way ahead of me, Guess I need something for January pretty soon ;). Also, you’ve inspired me to try a NYRB subscription and I’m really looking forward to it after all these years of reading about yours, so thank you for sharing your reading!


I never thought of it as being a creative sort of thing, but you are right. It is fun and then it is fun to choose a book--nothing more entertaining than scanning shelves and piles of my own books to find one that fits your mood. I did read all my prompts last year--well, actually I am still finishing December, but I will finish it soon!


It's an excuse to pick a book, and maybe one that it out of my comfort zone or something that I have had on my shelf for far too long. Happy New Year Sam and thanks for the comments--always so nice to chat with you about books.


Yay--I hope you enjoy your NYRB subscription. Maybe we can encourage each other to pick up the monthly book and stay ion track. Did you get your freebie? Mine was Barbara Comyns The Juniper Tree. I am reading the December book at the moment by Ines Cagnati. Am still waiting on my January book--they seem to take Forever to arrive, which is always the downside.


No books yet from NYRB. I think the freebie is short stories by Balzac. They did say it takes them awhile to get the subscription started so it will be a nice surprise when that first book comes. Yes, let’s encourage each other to read our subscription books and share what we think!


As much as I love these books I will say that they tend to come very slowly. I always expect them early in the month, but often they don't arrive until almost the end of the month. I think I drive NYRB crazy with my 'should I have gotten this already' emails...! That said I did get my freebie finally, which is a Barbara Comyns novel as well as the January book--though (no surprise I guess), I am still reading the December book. I hope yours have arrived by now, too!

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