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What lovely quotes! They bring me to a time I long for; it was just leaving as I was growing up. Merry Christmas!

Joan Kyler

I'm glad you've discovered Gladys Taber and the Stillmeadow (and Still Cove) books. I've been collecting them for years. They're soothing and provide a place to go to when life gets crazy - like every day, it seems.

Reader Lane

What a lovely book! Thank you for sharing. I’ll be keeping my eye out for her name when browsing used bookstores.

Kathy A. Johnson

Beautiful quotes to end the year with. We had a quieter than usual Christmas, and I enjoyed the low key-ness of it. A new normal, now that our son is a grown man living on his own, and not a little guy trying to figure out what his presents are.


I really enjoyed this book--I will have to find another one to read by her this year. Such a homey chapter was December!


She was amazingly prolific, wasn't she? They are indeed soothing and I am amazed by how well they have aged, too.


I bet you will be able to find her in used bookstores. This was certainly well worth reading if you find a copy!


Yes, the older you get the more holidays change--I totally understand that. Quiet can be good, too. I hope you had a lovely holiday season and many thanks for all the comments--I have not been a very good online friend, so I appreciate your sticking it out with me!

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