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I think I read about the same number of books you did, though I haven't counted them yet. I like your idea of having the categories too.

Reader Lane

Good luck with your reading plans. The statistics are very interesting and make me think I should keep track of women/men author split and of books in translation. I’d like to read more translated books and seeing how many I’m reading already would be good place to start.


A very interesting list, particularly when you break it down into categories (it really helps you see the pattern in your reading habits). I'm afraid I'm not so organized -- I barely manage to record titles and frequently miss a few! Hopefully in the next day or so I'll do a rough tally of my own 2019 reads and, who knows, actually write a post for my blog (the latter may be a bit overly optimistic!)


Congratulations on meeting your Goodreads goal! I love tracking my books there too although of course I still keep my excel spreadsheet. Such a nerd :) Wishing you all the best in the New Year!

Kathy A. Johnson

It looks like you had an outstanding reading year--plenty of good books and a lot of variety. Here's to a new year of reading adventures!


I need to be better at keeping up with filling out my excel spreadsheet--I let it go midyear and then scramble to catch up at the end of the year, but it is fun to see what I read and some of the details. I am going to try and read three more books than last year.


I wonder I do this every year really, as almost always it is mostly the same! Always more women than men. I would like to read more books from other eras, however.


I am not so organized either. I always feel like not doing it but then I start a new file every January. I have been very delinquent in keeping up online so I totally sympathize.


Happy New Year Iliana! I like the GR challenge, too, as it is really the perfect way to track my reading and last year I was good about keeping up with logging books. I hope to do the same this year!


I always think I have not read so many really good books, but once I start looking back over the year I find there are more memorable books than I thought!

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