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I do have a favourite with this theme. It is "The Spy Who Came in from the Cold" by John le Carre. It is set in the former East Germany. I have also read Stasiland and it is a fascinating book.

Michael Tyson

Thanks for the book list. I was lucky enough to be stationed in (West) Berlin when the Wall came down, and was there that first night (I'm behind Tom Brokaw as he's reporting from Brandenburg Gate) and the next night when everyone was standing on the Wall. Still the most amazing night of my life, except for the birth of my kids. I'm adding this list of books to my GR. Danke!

Reader Lane

What an interesting topic and list! Good luck with your pick. I would have a hard time limiting myself to just one ;). My prompt for December is “An Old Favorite” — originally, I thought I would reread an old favorite book, maybe one set at Christmas or a Jane Austen novel or something it would be fun to revisit. Now, I’m thinking I might read a new-to-me book by a favorite author like a Penelope Fitzgerald novel or a Peter Lovesey mystery or ?

I’ve been in the reading weeds myself, not because of circumstances but because some slow, long, but enjoyable reads and overcommitting myself. I’m slowly catching up by returning some books to the shelf and persevering with others. My favorite reading find for 2019? One of them is Good Talk, a graphic memoir by Mira Jacobs—brilliant, funny and pointed. After reading a lot of books set in different countries and times, it resonated to read a contemporary with a fresh point of view. Wishing you smoother times ahead!


I hope things calm down for you, Danielle.

Well, you already read one of the books on my favorites list for 2019: DEAR MRS. BIRD! If you are looking for a good new mystery series I can recommend Mariah Fredericks new Jane Prescott series, starting out with A DEATH OF NO IMPORTANCE.

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