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Reader Lane

I’m so sorry about your loss of your mom. Please accept my deepest sympathy to you and your family on your loss. I hope in time you will find comfort in memories of the good times. The two kitties, Snowball and Toby, look adorable. I hope the move goes smoothly for them and for you and look forward to hearing about them in the future along with the books. A purring cat or two, a good book, a cup of tea sounds good for a winter’s evening. Take care


I'm so sorry about your mom. I hope having those two sweeties to cuddle with bring some joy and comfort.


I'm sorry about your mother. I hope your new kitties are giving you the comfort you need.


I am so sorry about your mother. I hope your mother's cats bring you a bit of comfort and distraction.

Cosy Books

Hugs to you for what has been a difficult time. The kitties are so sweet, and it must have been such a comfort to your Mum to know they would be looked after.

Joan Kyler

I'm so sorry to hear about your mother.

I'm glad that you can keep her lovely cats. Surely, she'd be relieved to know you have them to love. I'm looking forward to many cat photos!

Wishing you happiness and health (is there anything more important?) in 2020.


So very sorry to hear of your loss. I hope your two new feline companions settle in well and give you much comfort.


Dani, I am so sorry to hear about your mom. I'm glad her kitties will have you and your sister to love them.


Oh Danielle, I'm so very sorry for your loss. There are no words. I'm just sending you big hugs and thinking of you. So glad you'll have the company of kitties.

Susan P.

I am terribly sorry about your mom. Losing a loved one unexpectedly at the holidays is so difficult. I'm sure her cats miss her, too, and that you will bring as much comfort and distraction to them as they will to you.

Kathy A. Johnson

I'm so sorry about your mom, Danielle. I know it must have comforted her to know you were helping to take care of her beloved kitties during her illness, and though they certainly won't replace her, as you say, they are a connection to her. Kitty love can be very comforting.

Best wishes for a stellar 2020, filled with delightful books, simple pleasures, and everyday adventures.


Danielle, I'm so very sorry for your loss --- there's really nothing worse than losing your mother. I hope the new year brings you comfort as you work through your grief. Toby and Snowball look adorable and I hope the adjustment period goes smoothly for all three of you. How wonderful that you have this link to your mom and that they have you to give them a nice home.

Lyn Baines

Dani, I'm so sorry, I read your latest post first but didn’t realise your mother had died so my comment there may not make sense. Anyway, I wanted to say that adopting your Mum's cats is a lovely thing to do. I adopted my Dad's cat, Abby, when he died 15 years ago. Abby was 10 years old & lived with me for another 6 years until she died. I had to carry on the regime she was used to, first cut from the roast chicken, prime position on my lap in the evenings etc but we got along very well & she was a very contented old lady. I hope your new additions bring you joy.


Thank you--this was a rough fall and holiday season. I am looking forward to a brighter 2020! And the kitties have made themselves at home. It is nice to have them about now-I forgot how much fun it can be to have cats around!


Thank you! Yes, they usually sleep on my bed at night--or part of it anyway. They make me smile and that is most welcome these days!


Thank you! They do--they love attention and actually it helps to have someone (even kitties) to look after and keep my mind off the sadness!


Thank you! Ah, yes, distraction is what I need and they are very good about it. They make me laugh and keep me company--good things right now!


Thank you! My mom worried so much about her cats when she was in hospital so it was nice that we have been able to keep them in the family. It has been ages since I have have kitties and I didn't realize how much I missed them!


Thanks Joan and all the very best to you, too! I am sure my mom would be happy to know the cats are all in homes of her daughters and all nicely adjusted to their new spaces. It was rough, but there is no better remembrance of my mom!


Thanks Jeane. They are nicely settled now and can be quite comical. They are very cute, too, and like to cuddle (but sometimes a little naughty, too--such surprise!).


Thanks Linda. They have all made the adjustment okay thankfully. It is nice to have cats again, too!


Thanks Iliana. Everyone has been so nice and it is much appreciated. No boring moments with these two, I must say--lol!


Thanks Susan, it was a really rough fall and holiday season. I am happy to be in 2020 but there is so much to do to take care of my mom's estate--most of the year I suspect. I think the cats were having a hard time while she was in the hospital and she missed them, too. It was an awful upheaval, but I think we are all settled at least.


Thanks Kathy--and for the card you sent. It was very much appreciated. I am taking a meditation class now and hope that will help me through the winter!!


Thanks Janakay--you are right. It is going to take a long time to feel better about things. I hope once we get the estate settled I can just appreciate happy memories again. The cats do help and they bring smiles to my face which is a good thing!


Thank you Lyn! Toby is nearly 19 but he zips around like a kitten and loves to play but also to nap in favorite spots. Snowball is a sweetie, but boy does she like to get into things. I think we are all settled and they have adjusted okay. I try and give them lots of attention and my housemates have been so good about it, too. I am glad at least the cats have been able to stay in the family with people they know! I had to laugh about the roast chicken comment! Both of my like to either lay on laps or be right next to me. Sometimes they have me pinned down under the blanket in bed when the alarm goes off--it has been funny getting into a routine!

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