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A new pile of books is always a comfort isn't it? I've no doubt you'll reach your reading goals this year. Looking forward to how you complete your prompts throughout the year. Most importantly, take care of yourself!


I don't make reading plans because an unexpected book can pop up and ruin everything.

In the meantime, I managed to "whittle" my dozen favorite books down to fifteen entries/sixteen books.

Sam Sattler

I know you love Grafton's novels, and I wanted to tell you about a great used book I found last week called 'G' Is for Grafton: The World of Kiney Millhone. It's by a couple of superfans, Natalie Hevener Kaufman and Carol McGinnis Kay. It was published in 1997, so it is not a study of the entire series, but because Grafton allowed the authors access to her personal journals, it is really interesting. It is a construction of the world Kinsey lives in and compiles bits and pieces from all the books up to 1997 to detail everything about Kinsey and town, etc.

It has chapters like: "Kinsey' Biography," "Kinsey's Personality," The Scene of the Action," "Kinsey at Work," "Social and Political Issues," etc. It even includes one called "Grafton on Kinsey" and one called "Grafton's Writing Style."

I've only flipped through it so far, but I hope to spend some serious time with it soon.


Your plans seem great! I hope you'll enjoy the Priory. It definitely has a slow start but it's worth it, the second half is just great. As for me, I'll take a second year of the Unreadshelf challenge, since it was a success last year, and you helped me replenish my shelves ;-) ! Enjoy the coffee shop!

Lyn Baines

Happy New Year, Dani! I'm sorry to hear about your Mum, I hope you have better news soon. I like the idea of Code Name Lise, I love WWII spy stories. One of the best I've read was A Woman of No Importance by Sonia Purnell. It's about an American woman, Virginia Hall, who was one of the most valuable spies working in France with the Resistance. She put up with a lot of flak from a lot of incompetent men & worked wonders, even crossing the Pyrenees & breaking men out of prison & all with a wooden leg! Reads like a spy thriller.

Reader Lane

Your list of prompts look great with such a nice variety of possible choices. I look forward to reading more about them. I’m way behind on making my list but just decided January will be “The Start of Something Big” and February will be “Authors—LE—from my shelf”. February was inspired by a delightful book I just finished by Phyllis Rose. She picked a shelf at the library — fiction by authors with names starting LEQ-LES—and read them all. (But I’m just reading one).

Kathy A. Johnson

These prompts are great, and I look forward to seeing where they take you this year.

The only bookish challenge I'm doing this year is also the Unread Shelf challenge. (I tagged you in an Instagram post today related to that challenge.) My closet overflows again, and I had already determined that I was going to try to read three of my own books before I read any library book. I won't go so far as to ban buying new books, but I do plan to be even choosier about the books I buy.

Other than that, I'm really craving cozy vintage mysteries...


Thanks Iliana--a fresh start is nice! And the new prompts and small challenge is fun, too. I did meet my goal and I hope this will be a good reading year, too!


Hi Linda--No plans are really good plans as it lets you just naturally flow with your reading and moods. I tend to end up doing the same thing but there is always that slight feeling of disappointment of not having done what I set out to do. Thanks for the link--I will check out your faves!


Oh, I think I need that! As a matter of fact I just ordered a used copy! I also recently bought a book called Kinsey and Me that she wrote, also mid-series-, which is short stories. I have only flipped through it as well. I am just starting P is for Peril now. The character in the Luna book, Vega, reminds me just a little of Kinsey--but still different styles and personalities. Vega is also from California!


Is the Unreadshelf something you created for yourself or a group? I try hard to read from my shelves and I think I mostly do, but not exclusively. It would be a real challenge to read from my own shelves, but not buy or borrow new books--oh my, that would be nearly impossible. I have the Priory on my reading pile, but I am trying to finish a few other books before really diving into it. It seems the sort of book you need to read with attention and daily and not just dip into!


Hi Lyn--thanks for the nice words. I will be so happy to get through winter--it makes it all harder when the days are short and cold. I think you would like Code Name Lise--I highly recommend it--she sounds quite similar to Virginia Hall--and now I will have to see about getting my hands on that book!


And a belated Happy New Year to you, too!


That is such a fun idea. I wonder if I could manage something like that. Maybe just choosing one book would work! Which book did you end up piocking?


You are the second person I know to do that challenge. It sounds good--a win-win sort of situation since you are working on books you wanted enough to buy! And I know that closet!! ;) Sorry for the tardiness in this reply--life has been hectic, but I will look for that IG tag now! I have been offline more than online these days.


I haven’t picked my February book yet, but I know there are possibilities including The Constant Gardener by John LeCarre, Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee, Cider with Rosie by Laurie Lee, Solaris by Stanislavsky Lem, Raylan by Elmore Leonard, The Stepford Wives by Ira Levin, The Romance of a Shop by Amy Levy, and The Last of the Stanfields by Marc Levy. I’ll keep you posted. (I really enjoy books about libraries and reading, and Phyllis Rose’s book, The Shelf, was all that.)


Your Feb prompt gives you lots of leeway--so you should find one that matches you mood nicely. I have not yet thought about my Feb choices--but 'it's a woman's world' should give me lots of choices, too--something from a female POV--now I will be looking through my piles.... :)

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