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As far as nonfiction books go, I recently read Word By Word: The Secret Life of Dictionaries by Kory Stamper. It is absolutely fascinating.


I've been thinking about The Ashes of London, so thanks for the heads up on that.

Christine Blake

I have never read the Frank Tallis books but on my husband's recommendation watched the three TV episodes here on the BBC. I enjoyed them very much - excellent cast.

Kathy A. Johnson

Probably the best non-fiction I have read in recent months is Burnout, by Emily and Amelia Nagoshi (sisters). Sure, we all know we feel burnout from time to time; this book dives deep into why and how we can recover. I typed up many pages of notes from it.

I can't remember if you've mentioned watching Modern Love on Amazon Prime, but if you haven't, I recommend it so far...I've only watched two episodes, but I've LOVED them both. All caps used on purpose :)


I had no idea Frank Tallis' mysteries were adapted for the screen! How will the cakes be? Thank you for posting the link to the Willow and Thatch website, I immediately subscribed to their newsletter. I feel like I now know what to put on my future xmas wishlist(s)!


That sounds good--I love those sorts of books that make an ordinary sort of object really fascinating--in the hands of a good writer I think almost anything can be interesting. Thanks for the suggestion.


I am really enjoying it! I have even already bought the second book (and I think there is a third one out or forthcoming as well). My only quibble, is this edition has very stiff paper covers and it cannot just stay open on its own. Still, I am thoroughly enjoying the details.


I have read the first two or so and really must get back to them. I love the setting and the characters. I just found out about the adaptation, and as it turns out the first episode aired this past Sunday--I think I need to stream it again and watch a second time! The actor who plays the doctor is much younger than I imagined him to be, but I like him!


I have to see if my library has that book. I am feeling anxious and stressed out lately and maybe that will offer some insights and solutions.... And I did mention Modern Love! I agree--I have watched maybe the first three or four episodes and have thoroughly enjoyed each one--need to get back to them. I tend to ration out shows I like--I especially like that they are less than an hour each, which is perfect for a nice end of the night weekend show to watch before bedtime!


I only just found out myself! I keep thinking it is time to pull out the next book--I am only on the third one (maybe the fourth). I just came across the mention online by chance. And then I was surprised to discover that it is already airing here. I caught the first episode, but I was multitasking at the time so I was a little distracted and need to watch again before the next episode next weekend! Yes, I hope there will be cakes--at least to look at--they are always in coffeeshops eating and drinking, aren't they? I can only admire that in a book! ;)


That's great that you're subscribing to the Opera season again. We only have a couple of concerts left of our classical guitar series and I'm definitely going to miss it. Who knows, maybe we'll subscribe again.


It is nice having something cultural like your guitar series or opera to look forward to. I admit that sometimes opera--what all the musical elements that is, goes over my head, but I like to just listen and enjoy the costumes and production. Next season has such a great lineup and the tickets were so reasonable, I think it will be nice!

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