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Café Society

Both Gallows Court and House of Glass are on my TBR lists and I’m glad of the reminder that I need to get round to them. I can heartily recommend the Andrew Taylor, although you remind me that I need to read the others in that series.


I've heard good things about There There and Gallows Court but haven't read either of them. Outline sounds very interesting to me. I came home from the library yesterday with a stack of 12 books but am always ready to add to the pile!

Joan Kyler

I really liked The Ashes of London. I was surprised that I liked it because it's a history / mystery and I don't usually like them. I intend to read other books by this author.

Penny O'Neill

My list has just grown, though There There is already on it. Happy New Year.


I've only heard of There There, which is on my list, but you've just helped me add a few more. Really curious about House of Glass in particular. Hope you enjoy your book stack!


Happy New YEar! I just added Ashes of London and Outline to my list. Ashes reminded me of the episode of the Crown that I just watched!


I haven't read Outline yet but I definitely want to!

The only one of these that I've read is There There, which I read in late 2018 and liked a whole bunch. I feel like I need to be in a particular mood to really enjoy that kind of "chorus of voices" narrative, but I was totally into it for this book.

Reader Lane

I have heard good things about There, There (maybe at the Tournament of Books?) and Outline, but all these sound good. And what a good prompt, that gives permission to read what you really want to — I may have to borrow it sometime ;). For my January prompt, “The Start of Something Big”, I had in mind to start one of those long 500+ page books I have been meaning to read, like Les Miserables, The Tale of Genji, Daniel Deronda — but what I’ve actually picked up is Sovereign by C. J. Sansom, a 583-page mystery set in the time of Henry VIII of England, which is off to a great start.


Somehow I find books with Glass and House in the title irresistable. I hold Keanu Reeves accountable for that as I loved the movie with a similar title where he starred I think with Sandra Bullock, but am not sure about that. I loved the Simon Mawer novel too.
A few weeks ago I brought The Glass House by Sophie Cooke home from a library sale. Hopefully it is good and if not there is your book by Susan Fletcher, an author I like anyway. Could it be I have found a first reading prompt now?

Kathy A. Johnson

I'm no help because I haven't heard about any of these. Which is probably good, because it's not like I have any lack of books on my TBR list. That said, I like the sound of The Last List of Miss Judith Kratt...


So I decided to pick up the Taylor book and it is really very engrossing. I love historical fiction, and it is nice to read one that is set much earlier than the usual WWI-WWII eras that are all over the place these days. I like it so much that I bought the second book in anticipation!


Now that sounds familiar. I had six library holds and picked up three of them last night. All the while knowing how many books I already have in progress. Does that ever stop me--lol! I want to read all the books in this pile--sooner rather than later, too!


I know what you mean--I love historical fiction, but Restoration era England has not been a favorite of mine, but I must say I am finding it totally engaging. I am glad I chose it--not sure if it is the characters or descriptions--but I have read and enjoyed Andrew Taylor's books before, so maybe not a surprise at all!


Happy New Year Penny. So many books--they all sound so good, too. I am reading slow this year, it seems, but then it is probably b/c I have so many on the go at once!!


I am always happy to enable another reader! ;) I picked up the Andrew Taylor, but now I feel like adding another one of these to my reading pile....thank goodness for a long upcoming weekend.


Happy New Year Melissa! I am thoroughly enjoying the Taylor novel--good choice. And I have been eyeing the Cusk all fall-I will have to read it soon this year. I need to watch the Crown--I keep hearing really good things about it.


I want to read all three of those Cusk books. I seem to keep collecting her work, though mostly I have older stuff by her. I want to read There There, but I know what you mean--when there is multiple voices--sometimes you have to be in the right mood for that.


I like that prompt. My big idea for this year is to read longer books, but I am sort of off to a slow start--as in I have lots of books on the go and as I tend to dip into multiple, it slows me down for finishing. The Taylor is very chunky and I have The Priory waiting for me. I read Les Miserables years ago, and it was very long indeed. I would love to read Tale of Genji at some point. Ah, classics, I need to read more of them I think I might also have opted for the Sansom, too. I have heard many good things about his books!


Isn't that a great title? Now that you mention it--I saw that movie and it was charming in its way--sort of magical. And I also read that Mawer book and always mean to pick up more of his work. Susan Fletcher is really good--at least the other books by her I have read I have liked. So did you use this as your first prompt of the year?


By the way, so nice to see you here--sorry for my tardy reply!


Sometimes when it comes to books, I really do think ignorance is bliss--or that it is a good thing when you see a new book but it doesn't appeal or tempt you--only because I have SO many books on my TBR waiting. I have heard good things about the Last List--in the end I was in the mood for historical fiction so am reading, and really enjoying the Andrew Taylor book!!


The Andrew Taylor sounds intriguing. How funny that we started with two very different prompts, and both ended up reading historical fiction. I enjoyed the first two books in the Sansom series, and this one is good, too. In fact, I got the next book in the series when I was last in B now, I really have to finish this one!


I have only read Sansom's WWII novel Dominion, which is an alternate history story and I really liked it. I need to read his other historical novels as I am sure I would like the Shardlake books, too. I am still reading the December book and am not sure I will finish this one before the end of the month-I had to pick a long one--but it is so good! I am not sure what is up for next month--maybe will go take a peek!


I’ve got a copy of Dominion stashed on my Kindle, so I’m glad to hear you liked it. I expect you would enjoy his Shardlake books — he’s great at recreating the feeling of the time and interesting characters. I’m going to be reading Sovereign for awhile as other priorities kept bumping it back in the queue. And now it’s February and time to pick another book ;). Oh, the challenges of the reading life...

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