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Reader Lane

What a cool library challenge with that cute reading log! Irresistible. And The Library of the Unwritten sounds very intriguing, too. Good reading!


Surely I couldn't have resisted that really nice looking reading log either. Even though the challenge looks quite daunting. Happy reading Danielle.


Who can resist that log! Looks like there's a lot of variety in the challenge so I have no doubt you'll enjoy it!

Kathy A. Johnson

That's so cool--both the library challenge and the log book. I wouldn't have been able to resist either.


I have so many books started that I have held off starting the library book and now it is almost due--oh the conundrums of library borrowing! I do love that little log--I am almost afraid to start writing in it.


The log book is definitely a temptation most readers will not be able to resist--such good marketing on their part. I am hoping that just twelve books might be manageable. The Book Riot challenge has 24 books/themes! I opted not to even think about that one this year!


I am hoping the log book will help inspire me to keep on track (like doing the GoodReads challenge--I actually managed to accomplish it last year and I hope I can do so again this year).


I wonder if they will have a better number of participants with this little log book? I have my first book read for it, but I am afraid to start writing in it--I want to make it all nice and neat--how silly is that!

Omaha Public Library

We're so glad you're inspired by this year's challenge!

Kathy A. Johnson

Hee--I know the feeling! I always want things to look pretty and neat, too.


But it is meant to be written in so I better get to it!!


Yes! Really looking forward to it and happy it is a very manageable challenge too!

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