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The books here are intriguing because they are different but sadly I will never be able to get them. Looking forward to your thoughts on them.


I love Francesca Woodman's photographs - a friend introduced me to her work when we were in college and I'm always delighted when I see pieces by her at museums; there were a bunch of photos by her that I got to see when I was on vacation Edinburgh over the summer - so good.

The Winter of Enchantment sounds really pleasing - I'll have to see if my local library has it!

I just finished reading The Partly Cloudy Patriot by Sarah Vowell - not so old or so unknown, but it was interesting to read a book of essays published in 2002 (and written in 2000-2001) now. A lot of it is about US politics and US history, and there are things about it that make it feel like a bit of a time capsule, not in a bad way.


It is harder with these older and out of print books--especially when they are printed in another country--sorry for the temptation. So far I am in the middle of Mischief and Don't Look and It Won't Hurt--both very good!


I had seen Woodman's photos without realizing who the photographer was and how interesting she is! Always nice to discover someone new and I imagine now her photos will pop up all over the place. I have not read Sarah Vowell but I do have one or two of her books of essays. They look interesting--2000 doesn't seem all that long ago, but my how time flies. I guess 20 years later and things may actually seem a little dated--lol.


Hope you enjoy your library book reading — you’ve got an interesting assortment! I must confess to a love/hate relationship with my library. I love the books, but why must all my requests come in at once?!? I’m planning to concentrate my weekend reading on library books so I can finish them before they have to go back — Tangerine by Christine Mangan is the only one I’ve started, and This Is Not a Novel by Jennifer Johnston is due soon, too. Also waiting are Bad Debts by Peter Temple, Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson, and two more that aren’t due for awhile (thank goodness).


PS My NYRB book (plus the freebie) finally came this week, and I’m looking forward to (hopefully) reading it next month — Morocco reading in February sounds like a real getaway from winter weather ;)


This is when I think, there are so many books! I mean look at all these wonderful older titles. Unfortunately I'm staying away from ILL loans as the last time I did one my library lost the book I returned and now I need to pay for it. Which I guess I can say at least it's money going to the library! Now I do have some holds I need to pick up soon. Hope you enjoy your new books!

Kado Ulang Tahun

where can i get The Winter of Enchantment ?


You will have to let me know how you like Tangerine. It looks really interesting and I have picked it up a number of times. I was thinking (too soon to think of spring/summer??) picking books with sultry settings for my summer reading project. I love library books, too, but I tend to cart them back and forth and only end up reading a few of what I check out. I often will look at my holds and only end up checking out a few and letting others go to the next person in line--knowing it is not likely I will read them in the time I have them checked out. They Do all come at once. How long is your checkout for? We get three weeks and can only renew if no one else is waiting for a copy.


Glad your cook came! I tend to get impatient for my NYRBs! Morocco is a really interesting setting I agree--the warmth is quite appealing right now, too.


I am always worried about something like that happening to me, too. So far I have been really lucky. I tend to feel more of an obligation to read my ILLs since the library went to the effort of finding a copy and getting it in the mail.


I have a feeling it is out of print. I would suggest trying an online bookstore for a used copy, like Amazon. Otherwise most libraries will offer to look for a copy and get it via interlibrary loan--they will find a library that owns it and will borrow a copy for you. Good luck!


Tangerine wasn’t for me. As a long time mystery/suspense reader, I thought the plot idea has been done again and again, and the book didn’t offer much beyond cliches for the characters and setting either. :(. For physical books, our checkout is the same as yours. For e-books, which I check out mostly, it’s 2 weeks and no renewal if someone is waiting. In fact, they post a message even before it’s due that someone is waiting for the book! I’m sure it’s well-intentioned, but it drives me crazy ;) No pressure, please!


I have heard mixed things about Tangerine, so I am not surprised you decided not to read it. A friend loaned me her copy, but in the end I gave it back knowing the timing was not right. I love the exotic locale, but somehow the story just doesn't grab me enough to dedicate my reading time to it! I think we are the same for ebook check outs and I have an audio book that is set to expire soon and I don't think I will finish it before it gets pulled from my ipod! :( Those reminders would be a little annoying....


Sorry my comment wasn’t clear — I did read Tangerine, mentally protesting as I went, since it was for a book group. Timing does make a big difference, and I can see from the reviews on Goodreads that some folks loved it. Yes, I hate when a book just disappears from my account, so I try hard to make those dates (or renew).


Sorry--I think I just didn't read the comment carefully enough. I do know, though, when you invest time and effort sometimes you just want to keep going and hope it turns out to pick up along the way. And especially if it is for a book club. What did the other book club readers think? I remember seeing mixed reviews--that is the way it goes--sometimes you love something someone else just cannot get on with. The beauty of reading--something for everyone, right?

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