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I too had a pile of library books waiting for attention and then four holds came in over three days. Not to mention the houseful of books I own. Ah well. Looks like your cats are feeling right at home.

Kathy A. Johnson

I see the kitties are making themselves right at home :) Your purchases sound quite intriguing, as usual. I've seen the stage adaptation of Fun Home during out Broadway series, and it was pretty good, if I remember. I'd like to read the memoir now--I knew it was taken from a memoir, but I guess I didn't realize it was a graphic memoir, which is a favorite genre of mine now.

I hope you're able both to plan a vacation to look forward to, as well has schedule several small treats like your bookstore visit to help you through the difficult winter season.


I feel the same way about summer that you feel about winter. I hope your books can help you to feel better! The cats look so cozy! Nothing relaxes quite like a cat.


Those kitties are so sweet! You got some great books. I am a bit behind on my reading of World Literature Today. It's such a great publication isn't it? Hope you are having a relaxing weekend!


Yes, the cats have pretty much taken over! :) I am glad they are comfortable here. I have to go through my library book pile and decide which books I really want to read and take the rest back. Like you, I have a whole stack of my own books that are calling out-but always the new books call out to me and I cannot resist them.


Yes, the cats definitely make things interesting! They look so innocent and sweet here...but we know the truth, right?! ;) I wonder what a theatre adaptation of Fun Home would be like. I just started reading it--I love the genre, too, but I am very picky about which graphic novels I like to read. I am hoping to read two each month (or at least one, but I tend to want to pick up the next one right away, so I have a feeling I will end up reading more than the dozen I was planning on). It will be a relief once all these things are sorted out with my mom's estate!


I am more of a spring/fall person. I don't like extremes when it comes to weather. I wonder where I can find mild weather year-round? (That comes without hurricanes or earthquakes or floods, or...). Cats do have a knack for relaxing, don't they?!


I try not to buy too many magazines because I fall behind on reading them at home--I always reach for a book first before a magazine. But WLT is such A great one!

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