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I love Penelope Bagieu's Brazen, so much so that at our home we (mistakenly) bought 2 copies!

Kathy A. Johnson

That is quite a list to choose from. I love that is shows women in all their glory, strength, weakness, fear, goodness and badness.


The Water Cure interests me and the Rumer Godden book too. I like your choices here.


I’ve read a few Rumy Godden books. The combination of nuns or monks the colonial background fascinate never no end.


Interesting selection of books you have here!


Great prompt! These all sound good. I’ve heard that Black Narcissus is partially based on the author’s own experience living in that area. And I’ve seen good reviews of The Mars Room. I’m going to check out Brazen — maybe my library will have it.

For my prompt, there’s good news and bad news. I’m still working on my January book “Sovereign” by C. J. Sansom. For Feb “Authors LE from my shelf”, I picked The Stepford Wives by Ira Levin and raced through it (not that it’s very long), so I’ll probably choose a second book from my list, maybe Raylan by Elmore Leonard. Although now I’d really like to read A Kiss Before Dying by Ira Levin.....


I hate it when I do that--forget I have bought a book and then discover it later on my shelves. I guess I am at least consistent in what I like! ;)


And they ALL look good, right? I opted for the Kushner--set in a women's prison and while it is dark and feels like a train wreck--I want to look away, but I can't--her writing is so engaging I am totally engrossed by it as it turns out!


I had to have The Water Cure when it came out in paperback--sitting next to my bed. I am intrigued by it-and she has a new book coming out this spring as well. I hope to squeeze in the Godden before I see the film adaptation.


I have only read a couple of her books but I liked both very much--so much that I think I own most of the books she has written--including a memoir in three (or maybe it is two?) volumes!


I made myself keep it to a small stack, but the variety was perfect--different situations and very different lives. I hope to read more of these over the course of the year-and certainly will read the graphic memoir at some point.


She lived in India and it seems like she set a number of her books there. I am not surprised it is based on experiences. I am really engrossed by the Kushner, which is what I decided to read. I am still working on last month's prompt book (it was quite a chunky one), but this one is going to fly be I can see. I will read Brazen as part of my graphic novel reading this year--maybe this month even. I read the Stepford Wives a year or so ago and you are right it is a slender and fast read, though I was impressed by the story. I am sure you have seen the original film adaptation? I have A Kiss Before Dying as well and have picked up a few of his other suspense/horror tales but as yet have not gotten around to reading them. And I totally get the not being able to always keep up with the book in the month you start it!!


The Mars Room sounds very interesting; hope you enjoy it. I’ve got it on my list to investigate. Actually, I have never seen the movie of The Stepford Wives, so want to now. I ended up starting A Kiss Before Dying yesterday and stayed up way past bedtime reading to see what happened next. I’ve got the last third to read and may be up late tonight, too ;). Ira Levin is great at suspense and surprising the reader.


It is kind of a train wreck sort of book--hard going in a way as not a happy topic set in a women's prison--dire! Yet she tells the story in such an engaging way I don't want to put the book down! I would watch the original Stepford Wives movie which was made (I think)in the 1970s! Let me know how Kiss Before Dying goes! He is really very good at that genre, isn't he?!


Such a great prompt - but wouldn't it make it awfully hard to choose? I recently reread Nicola Beauman's biography of Elizabeth Taylor and it made me want to reread all her books!

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