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Joan Kyler

My 75-year-old husband and I (67) are at home for the foreseeable future. We're both healthy but feeling stressed by this new, scary situation. We have jigsaw puzzles and books and movies, etc.

I wanted something light, to take me back to less scary childhood, so I read Peter Pan. Well, it's creepy when read as an adult. At least, I found it so. I think I'll go back to mysteries! I've read all the Sue Grafton series, but they would be fun to read again.

Stay healthy!

gina in alabama

I have the new Mantel ready to go but while waiting for it to arrive, I wandered into Margaret George's Autobiography of Henry VIII and want to get thru that one before going into the Mirror and the Light. The George is a true chunkster, and the style is quite different, more conventional, to Mantel's, but its quite readable and I have always loved historical fiction. I am sorry to hear that you lost a parent at the holidays. Stay safe and healthy, spring is coming.


I'd think confinement allows for more reading, but my personal experience is that I'm way too distracted and stressed out to concentrate on big books. I've started an Agatha Christie and it's fine. Stay safe, avoid as many people as possible! I will check out the meditation resources you link to.


We have just started working from home today. I think it is going to take me a while to adjust.


Thanks to seeing the new Simeone St James title The Sun Down Motel on your sidebar, I was able to get the library copy the day before they closed their doors indefinitely. What a read! The hair on the back of my neck stood up multiple times & it was not the book I picked up at 2 a.m. when I couldn't sleep. She's a favorite of mine & I'd missed she had a new one out. Thanks!

Next up is WC Ryan's The House of Ghosts.


Walking outside in the fresh air is excellent for you! I take our dog out for a mile to a mile and a half walk every day. Unless you are walking in a crowded area it shouldn't be any problem.

We are fine, but I feel so bad for a friend who is pretty much housebound, and one of her chief joys was the library bringing her books. Now the libraries are closed.


Dani, haven't seen a post from you in almost two weeks. Hope you are okay.


Thanks Joan--I hope you and your husband continue to be safe and healthy. I love the Grafton books for that reason--life, despite the occasional murder--which is always solved by the last page--is so much simpler and happier. I was just thinking I might go back and watch all the Inspector Lynley shows that were on PBS. There were seven seasons, I think, so that should offer a nice distraction. I just spent my first week working from home and while weird and a little challenging I think it will be manageable mostly. I will be going into work for a while tomorrow to pay invoices but I only worry about the bus ride--I hope it will be empty on the route I plan on taking. I can always get off and walk if I feel really uncomfortable. Otherwise I am steering clear of public place and just take daily solitary walks outside where no one else is. Strange times, these. Please stay in touch and stay well, too!!


I read that George book! I thought at first a book about Henry VIII would be a little on the dry or boring side, but I have found her books to be really pretty riveting. I hope you enjoyed/are enjoying it too! It has definitely been a very strange year for me. I figure that after this, it can only be up!! I hope things begin to look up as spring progresses! Take care!


I am finding exactly the same thing. I thought--home on a Sunday, but I am trying to catch up on things and have not read more than two pages. I have to take the news in small doses and today only watched the local news. Watching world/national news is such a grim affair that I start feeling really anxious and afraid. Mary Stewart is my 'Agatha Christie'. And I am now putting off going to the store, which is my main 'public place' as long as I possibly can. Distancing is really the only way to stay healthy I think. And lots and lots of hand washing!


This past week was my first week. It is very slow compared to being at the library and a little challenging as I usually have two monitors going and fast internet--none of which I have here at home. I guess, why rush, as this is likely to be going on all through April at least... Take care, Marg!


Hi Cathy--I always love to hear what you are reading!! I still have the St. James on my reading pile--since starting to work at home my reading has kind of gone into the dumper. You would think that without that commuting time I could spend it with my books! I am still working on getting a good routine going. However--what I did read--I agree--it has a nice chilling feel to it! And I love the more contemporary setting.


I have been trying to take at least a 45-hour long walk every day. I supplement it with yoga at home and stretching. I guess there are still lots of ways to creatively work out even with no gym! Really glad to hear you are well. Even with working at home, it does not feel so isolating when I can take a walk daily and on a few occasions I have gotten take out from a local indie restaurant or coffee shop--places I trust for cleanliness and social distancing. I worry about these places not being able to make it the longer this goes on. I am not even buying books these days--how weird is this--I have hoarded the last two packages that have books as I want to make that new book experience last... Stay Well!!


So sorry to worry you and I really really appreciate the concern and comment--thank you! I am fine--working from home this last week but as I adjust to this new normal I find I am having less energy and I stress out over the news. My reading has also gone very off kilter, but I am going to try and post a couple times a week going forward. Even if it is to share one tiny excerpt from what I am reading!! Howe are you? Take care and please keep dropping by!

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