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Reading is one of my escapes from this coronavirus situation. I think I have about 500 books on hand to read, so no shortage of choices. I am reading the Elly Griffiths series too.


Yes, for those of us who are readers, books are a good source of comfort. We have bookshelves full to choose from not to mention audiobooks. Sadly, had to cancel a trip to visit our daughter but staying in touch by phone and text.

Sam Sattler

With so much going on in the world right now, and because of the rate ag which these changes are occurring, I'm really finding it difficult to concentrate on my reading right now. I hope that changes soon because reading has always before been my go-to therapy.


I hope you are finding comfort in your reads. These all sound so intriguing. I really loved The Mars Room. What a book wasn't it? Long after I finished it, I was still thinking about it. Hope you are doing well!


A reader can't go wrong reading The Stranger Diaries. Quite unlike her popular series, actually, this one is a show-stopping gothic, suspense thriller, and unguessable mystery all rolled into one. I think it's a tour de force. One of the best books published in the last two years, IMO.

Kathy A. Johnson

I don't know how you will choose, as these all sound very good. I can see why you were tempted to buy in the first place.

So far, I'm cleaning, and that is a surprise! I cleaned out my closet and dresser on Sunday, and am eyeing my office and even my bookshelves, too. I always read a lot, so that hasn't changed yet. I've also decided to minimize in-store shopping for some needed items that became apparent when I cleaned out my closet.

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