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Sam Sattler

What you say here pretty much describes my reading state of mind, too. Still finding it hard to concentrate on reading nearly to the extent I used to be able to do, and I'm very reluctant to begin any book that seems to haver a depressing plot - or even read nonfiction that is on a topic that might depress me.

I've had "LBJ's 1968" on top of my TBR stack for at least 60 days now, and I keep reaching for the book just beneath it, instead. I lived through the trauma of 1968 and I don't want to revisit it now, with everything going on in the real world.

Some of my comfort reads are clicking with me, though, and that's, well...a comfort. I'm reading an old Robert B. Parker Spenser novel right now and enjoying it much more than I expected to. And I snagged a new novel called "I, John Kennedy Toole" that I can't wait to get into. It's a fictionalized take on how "Confederate of Dunces" was finally published and went on to win a Pulitzer Prize for Fiction.

Stay safe.


This not being able to read - I wonder what it says about why we read. I have tried fiction, I have tried poetry, I think what I have been looking for is for something solid and un-blinking. Time to pull out non-fiction.

Amateur Reader (Tom)

Makioka is a perfect "chapter a day" book, since it is actually about the flow of life and the passage of time. So maybe the reader should not be in such a big hurry.


I too, have had trouble reading lately. With four half-finished books on my nightstand, I finally gave up for a while and started reading periodicals. Frustrated with myself that some things I used to love doing now feel pointless or can't hold my attention. At least the garden is thriving because I still find satisfaction in that. Maybe I will try a comfort read next- my third grader has run out of books in her own collection and is now borrowing from mine, so I'm combing through my shelves to find age-appropriate books for her. Prompting me to read a few of them myself, again. Which is why I kept them so many years, after all.


I can relate to so much of this. I feel like we all need a restart! Like you, I think about reading and making lists of books to read, etc. but when it comes to actual reading I'm still so restless. It's gotten better because maybe we are now getting used to this madness. But, I think it's great you're making your way through so many graphic novels. Anyway, have fun working in your journal and continuing to look for those comfort reads.


I seem to hear this from other readers, too, so it is a common refrain! Since our normal routines have been completely disrupted, so too, are our pleasures I guess. I have certain types of stories that I avoid. If I am looking at new books lists and I see it is a war story--mostly WWII/Holocaust stories I totally pass it by. I can't handle stories of human suffering like that. I have almost entirely stopped watching the news--just reading headlines in daily email digests and local news so get a glimpse of national news. It is just way too dire. I am enjoying those few books I am reaching for, only I seem to have such a low concentration level. I feel like I need to set up a schedule day to day--but I haven't had the energy to do that--lol! Stay well, too. It feels like this will never ever end, but eventually and slowly I hope things just start to normalize in some way!!


I know what you mean. All the usual pleasures are just difficult now. I guess for me this is all so unprecendented. I have had to deal with a lot of family issues in the last year, and just when I feel like maybe things are settling down, I get thrown for another loop! I am at the moment without a NF read. A lot of things appeal, but I can't focus well. You'll have to let me know what NF you pick up!!


It does work perfectly for this book. The chapters are just right for a daily read (especially with my concentration level so low). It feels like a true family drama and I can't help comparing the story to an Ozu film!


I bought a few YA/Juvenile novels for that same reason--maybe they are just the right speed and content for what I need right now. I have SO many half started books I cannot even tell you! I am trying not to start lots of new ones, though I feel like I spend more time Looking at books than reading them. That is cool you are finding some release and satisfaction in working in your garden. It is tangible evidence that you are finishing or just doing something you love!


We are all stuck in the same boat, aren't we? I am glad I am not alone, though I wish we were all engrossed in a book that we do not want to put down. I found my read harder journal, though I am going to look for something else on my shelves to use as it is organized thematically to use in tandem with the challenge and I started writing in it last year when I had planned to do the challenge. At least graphic novels are accessible and satisfying!! And there are so many good new ones, too!


You already know I'm an enthusiastic proponent of the reading-in-small-bits-and-it-adds-up practice. I've been doing that with Lewis Grassic Gibbon's Scots Quair books and I just finished the first one yesterday (loads of atmosphere, also loads of words I don't understand, and a unique prose rhythm). I'm also a big fan of re-beginning with renewed ardour; many of my current reading projects are based on books and series that I didn't finish reading on a first (or tenth) try, but later they fit in just fine, after moods and stages of life shift. I hope you find your mojo soon!


This totally appeals to me and I am going to move forward with just that idea. Of course you know how many times I have started certain books--like that Cynthia Harrod Eagles series. I stopped in the Restoration and I was thinking of picking that book up and either just picking up where I left off or starting from the beginning and moving forward Again! I am pretty good at getting back into books midstream--well, most of the time. So, whatever happened to Q? :)

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