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Your Handmaid's tale quote was weirdly timely, I watched yesterday a documentary on Margaret Atwoord, and wondered if I should resume my watching the series (we stopped after episode 2 or 3 because it was so depressing). I'm glad to see you reading widely. Stay safe!


Dominicana sounds lovely. I'm making a note to look for that one.

And I know of some others who are currently reading pandemic related books. That is definitely not for me!


Connie Willis' DOOMSDAY BOOK takes place during the plague, with a modern-day protagonist sent back in time. Not certain if you have discussed it here. Sorry if you have and I have forgotten!


FWIW, I found that the notes of triumph (they are sometimes small, certainly infrequent) were just as intense as the weighty sorrowful aspects of the series. Plus, June's character has so much emotion in a simple gaze (you can feel her resistance there at times). But having said that, my partner stopped watching at about that point in the series too, and has not regretted that decision, whereas I came to enjoy it more. It's personal, as is everything.


Dominicana sounds like a great read! And how nice that you're making progress with your Makioka Sisters and the Grafton Series (she has family she didn't know about?!). You're not alone in thinking about plague-reading. I'm not indulging just now, but I am reading more frightening stories overall and my viewing is certainly tending more towards the dystopian than usual (among the other stuff, not exclusively).


I really want to read Dominicana! I remember reading The Makiokia Sisters years ago - before blogging. What a wonderful read. I know a lot of people are taking this time to read big books but I am finding it very hard to settle with anything other than easy, comfort reads. I'm lucky to be able to work from home but oh boy do I miss seeing my coworkers and most of all, going to the bookstore! :)


I have never started that series--I think it is only on Hulu? Which I am now thinking of subscribing to since I want to see the Sally Rooney adaptation. I can get the DVDs from the first series, and I have toyed with that--but so far have not felt the pull enough to watch. It might not be the best time for me. But, yes, I am reading widely--even if not actually finishing much! :)


I should watch the trailers. I am not sure I have even seen any of the scenes--just made the assumption it would be a dark show. I think it is in season three now? I wonder if there is any overlap between the show and The Testaments? I think it sort of took on a storyline of its own in later seasons?


I loved it. It is one of those books that maybe does not have a storybook ending but a happy and satisfying one nonetheless. I think it will end up a favorite of mine and was happy to see it make the shortlist for the Women's Prize! I have been looking at books that are set during the Plague years--which I think would be fine--far enough in the past for me, but as of yet have not started reading any.


It is on my stack--as are several of her books. I really need to read her. I like the sound of her stories--they have a different spin to them and don't sound really depressing despite the setting.


I think you would like Dominicana. I hope she writes more as I loved her storytelling style and the main character! I am past the halfway mark of The Makioka Sisters, which just goes to show you that even a chapter a day with a big book makes progress. It helps that the chapters are manageable 'chunks'. I think I don't want to read about pandemics as in what we are going through right now, but I could do some historical fiction--either the Spanish flu or the Plague. But I am in the mood for a good thriller, so that might be what I reach for this weekend!


I am not sure I would reach for a big book if I did not already have the Makioka Sisters in progress--at least not a classic. That said, I might pick a chunky contemporary novel. At the rate I am starting books it is like an epic read if I set the books in one big pile--lol. I loved Dominicana and I think you will like it when you get to it. I a also working at home, though I will need to go on campus a day or two in the next week to pay invoices. We just heard the stay at home order for the university is extended until May 15, which is fine by me. It is weird that so many places are opening up when the number of cases is still rising!

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