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Kathy A Johnson

It is indeed a stressful and worrying time, but like you, I have to hope that something good will come out of all the turmoil. Thank goodness for the solace of books.

I loved The Stranger Diaries and could hardly put it down. I want to get back to the Ruth Galloway series, too. There's just never enough time to read.


I do like the sound of City of Girls!

Diane Challenor

Thank you for your blog, and your list of reading choices. I follow your blog via my RSS feed, and always find it interesting. Don’t worry if you’re struggling with reading at your normal rate, we are experiencing a world in turmoil, so just find comfort where you can. I thought I’d share a series I’ve recently discovered and would say it’s a really good “comfort” read. Have you discovered the Ryder and Loveday mystery series by Faith Martin?


I enjoyed City of Girls very much and am anxiously waiting for The Lantern Men, Elly Griffiths next Ruth Galloway book coming out in July. I have yet to read The Handmaid's Tale because.....just the thought of it scares me. lol. I have it, I pick it up & put it right back down.


Like you, I'm having trouble concentrating and can't seem to settle down to anything lengthy and/or very serious (If you discover the cure for this, please share!) I've mostly been reading novellas; I don't know the official definition, but essentially works that are longer than short stories but less than "book length," usually around 50 to 100 pages. I have quite a stack of them, as I'm better at acquiring than reading! They short enough for me to finish them reasonably quickly and I've enjoyed trying out some new writers who I'd otherwise have missed.
Andrew Taylor is fun, isn't he? You can always count on him for a well written and entertaining story. I know what you mean about The Mars Room -- I made it about halfway and just couldn't go on, as I wasn't feeling strong enough at the time. I've had a copy of Dud Avocado for ages and have been meaning to read it for ages, so I'll be interested to see what you think of it. As for Handmaid's Tale -- that's one of the few Atwoods I haven't re-read -- it's just SO powerful and emotionally gripping and all too scary in these dark days. Since I, too, want to read Testaments, I may actually try to do a "two-fer" this year and read them back to back.


I felt like I my reading was getting back on track towards mid-April but lately it's again been a bit hard to read. The COVID-19 news are just so sad and frustrating. We all want to get back to our old lives but I just can't even imagine that even with a vaccine. Anyway, I hope you do find some comfort reads to help you get through all of this.


I hope that next year we can look back and think--I am so happy that is all over with! I hope you and your family continue to be well! I loved The Stranger Diaries and very much the Ruth Galloway mysteries--must pick up the next one soon.... I just started a library book--mystery called the Mountains Wild by Sarah Stewart Taylor, which is very promising set mostly in Dublin!


Very sassy and fun--the perfect vacation sort of read--at least something nice to take your mind off the news.


Hi Diane--thanks so much for the kind words and I appreciate the comment which I am sorry has taken me ages to respond to! I am mostly reaching for comfort reads these days or stories that will distract me. Lately some have been quite a ride! I am not familiar with Faith Martin--I will check her out--thanks!


I am enjoying City of Girls a lot! I like the slightly irreverent tone the narrator takes. I have lots to catch up on with the Ruth Galloway books, but they are always enjoyable when I reach for one. I think I Have read The Handmaid's Tale at least four times now, and it does sort of shock me each time. I have yet to see the TV adaptation for that reason--it scares me to see the visuals!! Maybe now is just not the time for it! :)


I am still working on The Dud Avocado--it is good, but I seem to have an inordinate number of books started at the moment! ;) Like you I am reaching for shorter books, but in my case I am also reaching for graphic novels. I still don't necessarily fly through them, but they are different enough--with the illustrations to really catch my attention and I have read some really really good ones!


I am always depressed after I watch the news and I do try and watch it every day, but I limit it. In the morning the news shows are on one after the other and you can get caught up in those stories that they keep replaying! Thank goodness for books--even if it is slow going.

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