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I am halfway through "Hamnet" now and enjoying it. Of course the bubonic plague is mentioned, and whilst the symptoms are different from COVID 19, the fears are pretty recognisable.

Kathy A Johnson

Several of these sound really good and worth waiting for. I'm trying to adjust to putting in hold requests for multiple books at a time because with COVID quarantining, everything takes longer. I'm not complaining, either, I'm so very grateful to still have access to library books.

The new release piquing my curiosity right now is Sex and Vanity, by Kevin Kwan (of Crazy Rich Asians fame). I heard an interview with him on NPR and this new book sounds really good. It's inspired by A Room With a View, which I also loved. It's set partly in Capri, and since I won't be vacationing this summer, I plan to live vicariously.

Sam Sattler

"The Pull of the Stars" is intriguing, especially after I see that it is by Emma Donoghue, a writer I've been meaning to read more from ever since I read her "Room" a few years ago. She has a fairly substantial backlist already, but considering this one's plot, it seems the way to go for now.


I've put The Pull of the Stars on hold. There are several copies in the county that list it as 'in processing', so hopefully I'll get 1 of those soon.

When the libraries opened here in Phase 2, books can only be sent between libraries in the county. That means even though I'm on the hold list for Elly Griffith's The Lantern Men. There are 13 copies in the whole system, but because my county doesn't have it, my hold is stuck in limbo until...or if, we ever move to Phase 3 or my county buys it. Of course it's the book I really want & not just because I can't have it. lol!

Alina Adams

Thank you for giving "The Nesting Dolls" a shot. Hope you enjoy it!


Our friend-in-common (CJE) told me about you, and your recommendation of "Hamnet"... as a dedicated
Shakespeare addict ("Hamlet" is my favorite of his works), I of course immediately ordered a copy and am awaiting its arrival without a shred of patience! Just wanted to thank you (through several layers) for this heads-up!


OOOh, these sound very good, no wonder you couldn't wait!


I've been hearing a lot about Hamnet and thought it would make the Booker longlist. I think that's been a bit of a shocker. All of these sound great but of course I have to read the one with the detective who is referred to as Kraken. So many exciting new releases!


One thing I've missed during lockdown was simply looking at the new library books on the BestBets shelves, on my way in and out to pick up/return things. This is a superficial and silly thing to "miss", during a time of crisis, but it was a little moment of luxury and I liked being able to pick up and browse through the first few pages (and then, usually return the book to its perch).


The Pull of the Stars is calling my name right now!


Is that good or bad?? LOL. I have Hamnet at home as well as the Emma Donoghue set in Dublin during the Spanish Flu epidemic. Reading for the times, I guess. I will pick up one of the two next--as soon as I finish a mystery I am very much into at the moment. I thought Hamnet might be on the Booker List, but apparently not....


I didn't know the Kwan was inspired by A Room with a View and now you have ME Intrigued, too!! I did not read his earlier books but I did love the movie. I think this new one is not related to the previous stories? I am very happy that books take me away since I am otherwise stuck in my very much the Same Daily Routine! I had no books waiting and just checked today and saw 7(!!!) either on the hold shelf or in delivery. Yikes. Way too many at once. When I go for my curbside pickup I will have to just ask for half of them...


Now that you say that, I am not sure I have even read any of Emma Donoghue's books, though I know she is supposed to be very good. I tried to read Room, but I could not get into the narrative style. However, I saw the movie and really liked that. I think I have an earlier book and now this new one. I will pick that or Hamnet up next. As usual I am grazing on a few books and making progress but really need to finish one (so I can pick up a new book!).


The whole closed public library issue is very challenging, though I am not complaining. I am just happy to get new books at all. Either they are all seemingly being processed, or like now--I have SEVEN books on the holdshelf (in in delivery) and how am I supposed to manage all those? :) We have curbside pick up only, and weird due dates. I just feel guilty holding on to a book too long when others are waiting so I try and swap out books regularly rather than hoard, but when there is a book I really want to tempting to keep it longer than normal! Library Limbo--I understand that well!


Finally--it has come up as being on my hold shelf at the library, so I might have it in hand this weekend. So looking forward to it! :)


You are quite welcome! I recently borrowed a library copy, but I am waiting to finish a book or two before picking up a new one. I hope you have since managed to get a copy and are enjoying it! And CJE is such a lovely person--he flies through mystery series so quickly--always tempting me to some new author!!


My library book pile has gotten out of control, and then I have indulged in ordering a few new books, too. I am ready to pick a new New book--shall it be a library book or one I HAD to have and so bought....Such a dilemma!


I miss that as well, and I know things feel so hard right now and I don't want to miss frivolous kinds of things, but those little things are what made day to day life so happy and I don't think there is anything wrong wish missing that kind of normalcy. Just watching the daily news sends me into a spin and I need something like looking at new books to calm and level me. It's a little thing, but a nice thing and we all need some nice little thing to get through the days! My public library is not likely to open this year--I am just happy they are kindly doing curbside pick ups!


I have a copy.... Getting ready to pick a new book to read, should it be that one? (I Know have a small stack of 'couldn't wait--had to buy' books!).

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