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Kathy A Johnson

Good for you! I think we're all looking for ways to salvage our "lost" year, and reading a big, chunky book is a good one (in this reader's opinion). I'm almost done with Wives and Daughters, and I think I'll tackle the first volume of Mark Twain's autobiography next, using my "Patented Pages Per Day" system--LOL!


What exactly is your patented pages per day system? I try for ten pages of ASB but if I get one small chapter within each section read I call it good. This new section is another not as exciting part as it takes place in a courtroom. Good for you to finish Wives and Daughters. It was adapted to a movie, will you watch the movie? I shouldn't, but I have sort of been thinking what book I would pick after this one.... Now that is a goal--maybe knowing another new book is on the horizon will keep me on track.


If I knew there was a film (which you mentioned in your last post), I had forgotten. That's certainly an extra incentive to read this now! Back in the spring, I made a list of all the super chunky books that had been lingering on my shelves for a long time (or recent additions that were also too chunky to carry around); now that I don't ever take a book with me when I go out (only to pick ulp groceries or to exercise in the early mornings), I don't have to give a thought to how long books are, so I've been trying to take advantage of the opportunity...but I'm not sure I'm actually reading any more long books than I usually do anyway. OH, well. Currently it's Marlon James' A Brief History of Seven Killings, which is NOT brief, definitely not. LOL


Do you find that your reading habits have changed a lot with the way we all live now? Is it more or less or the same but different? I think I did so much of my reading away from home and while exercising or on the bus that when I stopped doing that or now do it less, my reading kind of slowed. It is that whole focus thing for me. I would think I have more time to read--no having to take the bus to work, etc, so that time saved, but that time seems to disappear. I keep looking at my half read books pile which includes some chunkier books. Some recent stresses are keeping me from being able to concentrate on my books which really bothers me, but I Will get back to ASB this weekend. Did you finish Q?

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