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I saw an advertisement or some sort of promotion for the film and immediately thought of your different posts about the book!


Oh I hope you can get into it again! I read this book 6 or 7 years ago and just loved it. Good luck!


You can do it! :)
I think I've completely given up on big books. I don't know if it's just because I feel like I don't have enough time or what. I need to get over that so I can finally read Don Quixote. I've tried reading that chunkster twice before and I'm determined to read it one of these days.

Kathy A Johnson

I've been known to skip sections, then come back to them (or not) that were giving me trouble.

I'm currently reading a long novel, though it's not as long as A Suitable Boy. Elizabeth Gaskell's Wives and Daughters. I'm enjoying it a lot, actually--it's a calm, leisurely story. Even though I like it, I've also got other books I'm reading, so I just make sure I read a certain number of pages a day so I can move the story along while still reading other things. At my current pace, I'll finish in another 17 days :).


I knew they were making it into a film, but that seemed like so long ago, and here it is--I think it is airing soon or now (?) on the BBC. I am at the midway point now.


It really helped to be able to go back and read the posts I had written as I was reading! I am trying to read about ten pages a day until I get back into the story. I am at the point where Maan goes off with his tutor as his family is very unhappy about his dalliances with Saeeda.... The trailer looks good!


This is my own big project that I cannot seem to really tackle. I am determined to try and finish it now. I do like the story, but you know how long stories will dip occasionally, and I am just at a slower part of the story. Back in the day when I COULD read big chunky books, I read Don Quixote. I think I was in a group doing a read where we had set pages and that helped me manage it! I hope this is the moment for me!


I read Wives and Daughters (back when my concentration and determination allowed books like that--). I remember finishing it on my holiday vacation--literally those last days of the year I wanted to squeeze it in. I think I might have went over into the new year, but I counted it on the year I read most of it! I do recall quite liking it too! It would be nice to get back into a good reading groove where I could pick up a nice long read without batting an eye. Anyway, I am going to try and a steady flow with this one. I just need to connect back up with the story!


It doesn't seem like THAT long since you started your project: isn't it amazing how time passes while you're busy reading other books?! I know I've told you this before, but I had gotten a good ways into this book nearly twenty years ago when someone spoiled for me, this question of who actually turned out to be "the suitable boy" and I set it aside, hoping to forget. Now I'm wondering, has it actually been long enough? If I were to pick it up would I remember? Maybe, by now, I might not mind, so much, knowing the ending? I'm the same, my viewing influences my reading, and vice versa: so many good stories to appreciate, in so many forms!


I am curious who she picks. I watched the trailer to see her options on the screen--lol, but I don't think there were any spoilers. Time does fly--I think that a lot lately. I mean maybe a year later, but 2016? Really?? It is funny how easily I was able to get into it again, though I am now stuck in courtroom (kind of boring drama) over land ownership. I am trying to press on and not get caught here. Did the person who spoil it not realize that you did not know who Lata's choice (and IS it Lata's real choice...) was??

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