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I have not heard of 1 of these. I'll be looking into them & putting on a hold or 2. Still waiting for Lantern Men (Griffiths) & Pull of the Stars (Donoghue).

How can it be August when the days seem to move so slowly?


I have a copy of Pull of the Stars all ready, but I am nearly finished with a cloth edition of a new mystery (I try not to have more than one cloth book on the go as otherwise--too much to carry around!). I decided to go with Map of the Damage. I am not sure yet what I think--it begins with a woman, WWII London, who has lost her memory during a night of the Blitz. I just can't quite figure out what is going on yet--and a second thread has been introduced and I am not sure where that fits in either. Anyway, I am curious enough to keep going. While I like a bit of mystery in a narrative, I am not necessarily a big fan of a lot of ambiguity for too long in a story--I feel too 'at swim'. We'll see. Time feels at a standstill, yet it has also flown by as weird as that sounds!!


I'm all for a new year and hopefully some semblance of normalcy coming back to our lives. I think whichever book you choose they all sound interesting. I've heard some mixed review of the Bernardine Evaristo book but I think it sounds great. Keep us posted with what you end up reading!


I picked the Sophia Tobin, which is really a pretty safe story since it is a WWII novel with a parallel storyline set in 1940 and the late 1880s! So far, so good. I was thinking I would choose a book that is really recent and that had been discussed a lot,but maybe I will pick one of the others on the list next.


Like you, I sit in front of books when I'm doing my (version of!) yoga. Sometimes I feel like I'm spending more time staring at them than I am spending thinking about my breath! When I have to switch rooms for some reason, I love the different shelf perspective! I hope you're still enjoying your selection. Sometimes in the hot weather, it's even harder to stay focussed on a read that does not exactly suit one'd mood.


I think I am--I have had some problems with my monthly read choices and I don't know why, since really these are kind of 'treat' choices! And now September is closely upon us and there will be another choice. Maybe I will let myself off the hook for books that I did not finish and sort of lost the interest of. But the one I chose, A Map of the Damage started out iffy but I am getting more into the story, which is a good thing.

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