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Oh my goodness what a chunkster! I know this is sacrilegious but in my opinion you did well to separate into pieces.


Oh wow. I have once actually shredded a book for the compost pile (because it had pages stuck together with old chewing gum that I could not figure out how to separate) and another time I disemboweled a book (which I'd tried reading and didn't like, also it had no resale/swap value) to make a case for my kindle- I still use that all the time! But I never ever thought to separate a book into parts for easier handling. If it enables you to read it, well I guess that's all good! Will you keep it on your shelf after for a re-read someday, in the parts?


Good for you! Books are for reading and if that helps you to move along then I'm all for it. I read that one several years ago with an online book club. Knowing that I had to get through a certain part by a certain day helped me to keep going and I ended up loving the book.


Smithereens--I kind of shuddered when I did it, but it has worked well actually as it is very slim now what I can slip into my tote bag!
Jeane--If I manage to actually really finish it this time around I will likely keep it and just rubber band it. For a while anyway, maybe it will eventually get weeded (as I have made a first small sweep to weed books this summer). I felt bad, but it was just too big to carry about and I found I left it at home more often than not. Now I am actually progressing!
Pam--There are some books that I totally think are made for group reads. That is how I read Don Quixote I would read my daily page count every morning before I started work (when the world was less crazy and I had a regular work schedule). It's too bad this didn't come in maybe three volumes in a slipcase maybe. I don't want to make a book more expensive, but such massive books can be off putting for some readers. Better to actually be reading a book that has been cut into sections than have it sit in a pile unread, I think!

Buried In Print

There was a two-volume edition in Canada at some point (maybe a UK import) but the cover on the single volumes were always nicer. The copy I read was a one volume with very tiny print, but as you will recall, I set it aside when someone told me who the "suitable boy" was. Which rather spoiled the fun.

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