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What I am looking forward to is doing a read along of The Count of Monte Cristo with my son! He has wanted to read it for a while after a couple of friends told him it was their favourite book but he was rather put off by the sheer size of it plus the fact that he hasn't read anything even vaguely classic since he left school.
As I will never pass up a chance to encourage people to read, I suggested a read-along, bought a couple of copies and am now waiting for him to finish the book he is currently reading,Forty Autumns by Nina Willner,(as he hasn't inherited my tendency to read several books at the same time!) so we can start.
As I have not really challenged myself with my reading recently and I have a pile of classics that I keep promising myself I will read sooner rather than later, I am looking forward to getting started!

Must admit that I have only heard of three or four of the authors you mention and I am slightly wary of Tana French now as her books seem to be getting longer and longer and I have not got on with the last couple.

Kathy A Johnson

I'm looking forward to the newest Louise Penny Inspector Gamache story, which I am in line for at my library. I'm also looking forward to Lisa Unger's new book, after hearing her speak at the very last public event I went to. I was able to talk with her briefly at the end, and she was super nice. She's getting ready to do a virtual book tour, if you're interested in that...details on her website.


I have Fifty Words for Rain on my library list too, but I haven't made it active yet (too many others fighting for those previous loan slots right now). I'm reading the new Ali Smith now, Summer, which I guess means it's no longer new because it's officially autumn now LOL, and that's good. And I'm looking forward to the new Diane Cook (the New Wilderness) which is a dystopia and Catherine Hernandez's Crosshairs (another dystopia, and I really enjoyed her debut, Scarborough). As you know, a bounty of new materials in the stack these days! Good luck with your collection and your borrowing. :)


Liz--I loved the Count of Monte Cristo and I hope you and your son enjoy it as much as I did! If I didn't already have a few big books on my reading pile I might think of picking it up for a reread myself! I know what you mean by the Tana French books. I read the first four or five voraciously but I have been less inclined of the last ones to pick them up. I had to pass on the Wych Elm as it didn't appeal even though I have heard it is a good read (with reservations). But I will take a peek at this newest. You'll have to tell me what he thinks of Forty Autumns. I have looked at it myself!

Kathy--Thanks for the heads up on Lisa Unger! I am on the wait list at the library for it, but it is a long line. Now that our libraries (some branches) are open again the normal due dates are back in service (before the due dates were pretty much open and people could keep books forever so it seemed nothing was moving!!), but I am not sure how quickly I will get a copy. I have been thinking of perhaps buying a copy if I can find a discounted copy. I will check her website out. I really need to pick up the second Louise Penny book. She is mentioned by so many of my friends!!

BiP--Yes, there is a bounty of really good books these days, I agree. Between my own piles and what I have come across at my library and (to a lesser degree since not, up to now, much movement of new books) at the public library. Now that some public library branches are open things should start moving there as well. I am curious about the Diane Cook book, too, though It is a bit lower on my list. I just finished Winter by Ali Smith and loved it. I hope a bit later in the year to pick up Spring, so I am officially also out of season--lol!

booker talk

A few years ago I would have been excited at the prospect of a new William Boyd. But the last one I read Love is Blind was so poor that I'm afraid I'm not keen on reading anything more by him

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