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Like you, I love the beginnings of reading projects! For your choices this month, I only know Rosy Thornton's book, but I love how she tells stories. I don't remember that one being quite as funny as the book of letters between two young people in London UK, but I remember really enjoying it. (My review is here if you're curious!


Ooh, they all look enticing! I love September's fresh starts, with its new stationery, fresh air... I need something similar in my reading too.


I have had my eye on a couple of these for a while.


I really like the sound of the first one. Looking forward to reading what you've chosen.


You have such a good mix here. I've read two of them Delicious and The Tapestry of Love. It was sometime ago but the Rosy Thornton one was just spot on for me.

Sam Sattler

New beginnings...fresh starts. Put me down for one of those. I am so looking forward to the world returning to sanity at some point, hopefully soon.


Typepad is playing silly games so I am hoping that I can comment on here without it!
I loved Delicious, The Tapestry of Love and The Fourth Shore so any of them would be a good choice!
Funnily enough I have been reading quite a few books with cold and snowy settings recently: Dark Pines by Will Dean which is a crime novel set in small town Sweden and the first two Longmire novels by Craig Johnson set in very snowy Wyoming! I do love the Longmire books but the library don't have them and they are quite pricy to buy so I might have to cave in and acquire an e reader as the books are available in that format at a more reasonable cost.


Nicky Pellegrino writes about Italian food so well that you will feel inspired to cook her recipes straight away.

I know of no other fiction writer who captures the magic of eating and cooking as well as Nicky.

Simon T (StuckinaBook)

I have Peace Perfect Peace waiting for me, because I can't resist those wonderful Furrowed Middlebrow books!

Michelle Ann

I also enjoyed Tapestry of Love, which I read whilst on holiday in the Cevenne region. Interestingly, Robert Louis Stevenson is a big name there, as his book Travels on a Donkey kick-started the tourist industry in the region, so that's added yet another book to my TBR list!


Lots of great choices Danielle! Since I haven't read any (although I've long been curious about The Mountain Lion), I'll be very interested in your choice. And -- I know exactly what you mean about making the best of an "off year", although mine has been less stressful than yours.


Such a good variety of books and I don't know any of them! Oh dear, I can already feel my fingers twitching to go and find a copy of some of these


The anticipation of something new is always exciting. All the planning and idea of getting lost in something new! I have Rosy's book is letters--I think one of my last prompts this year is an epistolary novel of some sort. I am quite drawn to this book by her, though, as I saw a movie/ghost story set in the French alps and so am very taken with that setting. I will go in search of your review. I ended up picking the YA novel but as I am almost finished with it, I might manage a second prompt this month!


I love a fresh start--and I am always ready for one with my reading--after the summer months especially. I always agonize over my choice of new reads--especially for my prompts.


Whittling down the pile to just one is always so hard! And then I start one and then think longingly of one of the others I didn't choose! ;)


I love those interwar, or post war novels, especially that were written just at the time as they have an authenticity that historical fiction often lacks! I chose Eva Underground as I was/am in the mood for 70s era and I like an Eastern European setting. Of course I can pick up any of the others any time as well!!


I think I might have to pick up the Rosy Thornton as soon as I finish Eva Underground. I have been eyeing it for weeks now and it sits by my bedside. So glad to hear you enjoyed it. And Italy is always a big draw for me when it comes to story settings!


This is only a reading fresh start, but I am SO ready for normalcy in other ways. Even as things open up more here in Omaha, I don't feel like it is really real and am not jumping into doing things I did before--not until I am sure I can avoid getting sick!! So, a new book/a new story is always very welcome.


Sorry Typepad is being so difficult. I would actually not mind blogging on another platform, but the idea of moving content overwhelms me at the moment. Maybe it will be my end of the year when I am at home with nowhere I can go--project!!I think you turned me on to Nicky Pellegrino in the first place and I do mean to read the books by her I bought. (Too spoiled for choice is always my problem). Tapestry of Love just hovers there and I think I may just go ahead and cave in even without finishing a book first. (As if that would be something new--lol). Dark Pines is in paperback, though would have to come from TBD--it sounds right up my alley though, so it goes on my wishlist for now! I really need to try one of the Longmire books--I have the first one and I suspect I would like them. I inherited a Nook from my mom, but it is hard to load free (library) ebooks on to it (I just need to take the time to figure it out!).


Well, that sells me for sure! I have two of her Italy novels. Italy sounds like a perfect destination right now. Maybe read in pairing with a cappuccino and a tart? (Or my own homemade version of coffee and something sweet). Scooting that one over, too!!


I have three on my pile and pretty much want the rest of them. I want to start all these books right now! I am so glad that publishers are reprinting these stories!!


Okay, I am pulling this book out to read tonight (besides I am nearly finished with Eva Underground so have time left this month for another prompt book--as if I need an excuse, right?).


Oh, well, at least we have books, right? Even if my reading is scattered, I am enjoying the books I am reading! The Mountain Lion is an NYRB that I have owned for ages and really must get to. Am dipping into a story collection by her that is quite good, too!


I am reading one and my fingers are twitching to pick up another (and maybe another after that one--lol). I never lack for variety! (And consider myself very fortunate indeed!).

Kathy A Johnson

Just what I need...more books to add to my TBR list. Several of these sound very appealing. At the moment, starting over sounds pretty good.

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