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Sam Sattler

It feels like I read this one about 100 years ago...and it set me off on my love of the Spenser character. I finally did reach burnout not too long before Parker's death, but I still have a fondness for Spenser and Hawk and how they were so loyal to each other. One of my favorite parts of the Spenser books is the banter between those two.

When I read these pre-tech noirish novels nowadays, the thing that strikes me the most is the lack of cellphones. Seems like the good guys can never find a phone when they need one the most.


I read a Lee Child novel a couple of years ago (or so?) and was surprised at how detailed the fight scenes are. Kinsey has it made! LOL

In my Carol Shields read, Larry in Larry's Party is looking back on this decade in's a hoot! (And apparently my vocabulary just took a detour there too!)


Sam--There are a lot of Spenser novels! Did you ever watch the TV show that they adapted from the books? How do they compare? I have the second book on my pile (am reading a contemporary mystery right now set in London by Caz Frear). I am looking forward to the introduction of Susan Silverman in this next book. I do like the pre-technology books--when investigating meant using the library-lol.

BiP--I started a Jack Reacher book but it is partially read and languishing--it was during an especially low period during my reading so not a reflection so much on Lee Child as I know he has quite a following. Kinsey does deal with some violent moments but they seem far more low key than Jack's interactions with the bad guys! Now I have a renewed interest in Larry's Party. I know some people think those details make the story feel dated, but I like them--they give the story authenticity for a different time!

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