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Sam Sattler

So many new books...and they just keep coming. I'm suddenly finding myself longing to read all those older books I never got around to reading when I was younger. That's partly because I've become a huge fan of publisher Library of America and have so many of their books on my shelves now. I received one of theirs last week called "The Westerns" that is a collection of four classic westerns. I'm enjoying "Shane" so much right now, that it makes me want to really dive into the old stuff.

But then what will I miss out on from the new stuff being published every week? It's a never-ending battle.


I get the LOA newsletter and would like to have their noir crime collections, especially the women writers one edited by Sarah Weinman! I only wonder if, since they are omnibus editions, I will buy them and then let them sit on my shelves not wanting to lug a big book around, but they are quite tempting. I go back and forth, too. I want to read older mysteries and then see all the new books coming out. I want to read more classics, and I have plenty of them on my shelves, but then get caught up in new releases that are making prize lists. I do try and mix things up and read a little (okay a lot) of variety.... Which is why my reading is always all over the place. And then I think--no, buckle down, nothing new until I get the languishing reads finished and out of the way. I guess it really is just a big work in progress!


No sign of the libraries here in the UK opening beyond the click and collect service which has been operating for two months now. I'm not struggling for anything to read (already have too many unread books at home) but I do miss being able to go in and browse

Kathy A Johnson

Lucky you that your library has a prospective opening date. I miss my library so much, and I've heard no discussion about when they can open. It seems odd, since stores are open with social distancing protocols in place. Oh, well, I'm trying to read more from my shelves anyway, and, of course, I do have curbside pickup available.

Speaking of catching up, I'm catching up on your posts this weekend!

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