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Barbara Pym, in general, is a favourite of course, but I can't recall if/when I read this one. I've been listening to her on audio in the evenings when I am not ready yet to go to sleep and she's so smart and so comforting.


Hi BiP--I have not considered listening to her books. Is the reader good? A good reader as you know can make or break an audio book experience. I still recall reading along Quartet in Autumn. I loved that book--melancholy though I suppose the tone was. I am quite curious about this one and I might choose two this month--this and another one.


That's a Barbara Pym I haven't heard of...will be looking for it. Lucy Foley's The Hunting Party was good. I have a hold at the library on her newest, The Guest List, along with 440 others state-wide (that's not a typ0.) It took 15 weeks for the new Elly Griffiths to get to me, who knows how long this one will take.


Oh these all do sound like good fall reads. I do have that Pym book on my TBR shelf and maybe I should reach for it. Whichever one you choose, I hope it's exactly the fall read you were hoping for!

Kathy A Johnson

I haven't read any of these, though I also like Barbara Pym. I might opt for one that had more of a fallish feel, like Unexpected Night. I know you'll enjoy dipping into them to choose just the right read for yourself.


I've read the Barbara Pym, Lucy Foley and Susan Fletcher books and loved them all in their different ways although I have to admit that it has been a fair while since I read the Pym!
I was on a very long library waiting list for Lucy Foley's most recent book but then found a copy of the hardback in a charity shop which was very lucky.

Jade @ Reading with Jade

I am new to your blog and I think the idea of a themed reading list for each month is wonderful - it'll be interesting to see how you revamp this for the new.

I am intrigued by the lines shared from a couple of these books; I hope you enjoy and have been having a wonderful reading month in October.

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