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Thank you so much for this comprehensive list!! I've been into nonfiction European history of late, and these sound fabulous. Thank you for putting this post together.


Thanks for the roundup! I'm intrigued by Malina but I fear it might be too dark and deep for me. I've read the thriller/ mystery Stasi Child by David Young (it's a series), it was very good. Also I read Maxim Leo, Red Love: The story of an East German family, and it was memorable.


I've never properly participated in this event, but whenever I see posts like this I wish that I had/would. When I think of German authors, I think of Ursula Hegi and Eva Hoffman...but obviously there are so many more (and Hegi did not write in German, I don't think).


Hi Judith--I know you like German lit, so I am happy if you found something new here to look at! I am really enjoying the memoir, After the Wall by Jana Hensel!

Hi Smithereens--I have that David Young mystery and would have added it to my pile, but I was trying to keep it under control--lol. I need to pick it up--I am in an eastern European reading mood actually. And thanks for the other suggestion--will look it up too! Malina looks really good, but as you say, a bit more challenging than I can handle right now. I am in an escapist mode these days--just trying to tidy up my reading pile!

BiP--I have enjoyed reading German Lit every year at this time, but I was definitely more involved before--I miss those days! I have a book by Eva Hoffman--one of the history books I saved when I did my last weeding project. There are always so many appealing reading projects, but you have to pick and choose since I know I always have my own personal stack of reads and projects. If only we had unlimited reading/blogging time! :)

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