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I loved SINGAPORE SAPPHIRE. The author writing about the climate there made ME feel hot and sticky. The sequel was just released, REVENGE IN RUBIES.


These look great! Singapore Sapphire is on my list.


I know right? Thank goodness books can take us so many places. Really interested in The Diamond Square title. I hadn't heard of that but sounds like my kind of book.


By now you've probably made your selection? I'd reach for Signal to Noise, which I discovered in my "Here and Elsewhere" reading for Mexico City at the end of the summer but didn't make it to before the calendar flipped to my next "destination".


Linda--I so want to read that--It is at the top of my mystery novel pile and I even have the sequel already, too.
Byrd--Doesn't it look great? I am in a mystery novel reading mood at the moment. I have two on the go but I hope to get to it soon!
Iliana--Even though I am reading SOOOOO slowly now, it is still comforting to turn to my books. I am enjoying them all even if it is taking me longer than normal to finish. I have ended up reading (and it was not even on my list...) one set in Italy called Farewell, Ghosts by Nadia Terranova. Good but kind of different...
BIP--I love your idea for prompts and I have decided to change my kind of prompts next year (at least tentatively at the moment and you know how things can change!). I do want to read it--eventually since it is my own copy. I decided I wanted to be in Italy, and it also crosses off one of the library list books--Farewell, Ghosts.

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